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Costa Rica. P.2.

River Pilgrim • 5 minutes read • October 28th, 2015
First part: 

Costa Rica. P.1.

Final mooring of our cruise was 

Puerto Limon 

in Costa Rica. The diversity of tours was not offered here: the country is agricultural, tourism is focused on the environmental component, which is diluted by the tours of the plantations of fruit. First by bus, then down the river on a boat, and then through the rainforest on the train - such a program was waiting for us there.

The train trip takes about an hour and a half. First, the train goes through the thicket, then through the swamp, and ends at the fields of banana plantations. The beginning of the trip looks like this:

Inside one of the carriage. The seats are hard, the view from the windows is very limited unless you properly lean out of the window. But in this case, your face may be given a bunch by the oncoming limb, when the train goes through the forest. From the facilities in the carriage - toilet combined with a fridge for drinks.

The route along the line is regularly cleared away as it is quickly overgrown.

Wild bananas.

Frankly, there was a problem with the animal world there. Even with the insects. Our guide really helped, he also worked in this park and knew all them 'in their faces'.

After rather long and boring driving through the hot and humid forest, we were pleased with the stop on the beach.

Really refreshing!

After that, the scenery became more picturesque.

The area here is marshy, so the houses are on stilts, in the event of a high water.

The train is slowing down, we are crossing a local river along a small bridge, we will soon make a boat trip along the river. By the way, the speed on the line was 30-40 mph (50-60 km/h).

Suddenly - a hard brake. Our group of photographers gathered at the back, frantically began to grab the fence, someone from the surprise dropped the camera on the rails, to the delight of local residents. The reason for stopping is simple: there are no posters 'don't cross the line' here.

Forests and swamps are replaced with banana plantations, stretching for tens of miles from both sides of the road.

Passing some village, home of workers of the plantations. Poor, of course, but very clean.

The trip ends in one of the villages. The arrival of the train is a great event in the dull and quiet life. Children and adults are going to a meeting. Local police are also coming here, but apparently for the pastime.

The second part of the tour is water.

There are a lot more animals along the banks than in the forest. But it's hard to notice them at once.

And some of them could only be seen in the photos if you zoom in. It's impossible without binoculars.

However, some can be seen quite well.

One of the villages on the river.

And at the end of the program, we were shown 'the life of a banana'. On the plantations they grow in bags:

Then - water treatments.



Loading on the ship - and onward, to the consumer.
Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Gian Luka

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