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Costa Rica. Video

Dmytro Cherkasov • 4 minutes read • January 10th, 2017
You can see our cruise ship in this picture. She was a living personification of the local Costa Ricans' dreams. According to our guide, local people often sat on the beach to watch the passing ships. They dream that one day they will be able to take a voyage on such a beautiful ship; that would be a happy day. I must say that my personal impression of the local population was very positive. Collective mutual help was really developed here. For example, if young people aren't able to celebrate a wedding, they can easily appeal to their local community. Usually the problem is solved simply - women organize food and men take care of the drinks. It happens on a voluntary basis and with the participation of all residents. 97% of the population are literate. There water and electricity even in the poorest houses. Almost no one hassled us at the local tourist market, begging us to buy something. Usually, all the goods offered there are not fakes from China. They are really made in Costa Rica.

Now let's watch some videos.
I really jumped out of my skin when this screaming macaw tried to bite my camera. It happened without warning.
These cute creatures tried to figure out: "Is the camera edible?".
Tapirs simply thrive there. Guests are allowed to feed them, so tapirs love when it when tourists visit.  
Here are marmosets. These monkeys are so funny. The video I took did not turn out very well, but I was afraid they would come up and bite my finger when I tried to get closer to them! I had experienced that before and it was not pleasant. Plus, I didn't want to find out how aggressive they were . . .  

Costa Rica

appeared to be a very bright country. I'm happy that I went there. 
Author: Dmytro Cherkasov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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