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Croatia. Walking Around Dubrovnik. P.2.

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 11th, 2016
We came to the port of 


Can you see the cat in this photo?
It is there... :)
Two local (!!!) women were trying to fish here. For their cats, apparently, because they were running after them across the entire harbor :) choosing a new spot for fishing every once in a while.

We liked one market!
They sell candied fruit or something there. We really liked candied orange peels - yummy!!!)))
We got very lucky with the weather in 


 - it was sunny and warm. But we noticed that there was snow or hail in some places. It fell recently, apparently. Otherwise, it would've melted, the temperature was about 77 degrees (25 degrees Celsius) in the shade...
Here's some information...
The most popular kind of sport in the city is climbing along the city walls. And if you think that it's a freebie, you're wrong - you have to buy a ticket, and it's rather expensive.
I read in one of the reports that it is better to buy tickets for cash, as there is a great line to pay with the card (which is true!!!). So I changed some of their local currency - the kuna, hoping that something would be left for food. But prices had greatly risen!!! You should check the price before the trip if you want to jump over the walls there!
In short, we decided not to climb there.
Although, the walls themselves are quite impressive.
Here are some views from the bottom...
You can hide from the crowds in churches. There are a lot of them and they are beautiful.
Some of them even have modern details.
We also saw one orthodox church there.
There are shops in some churches.
By the way, is it not forbidden in the Bible?
Some places are reminiscent of the recent war...
Even cats are tired of crowds of tourists...
And here are more pictures of 


Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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