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Crossing A Polar Circle. Spitzbergen

Uritsk Andrey • 3 minutes read • August 7th, 2016
In fact, we had very little time to see the town of 


 which turned out to be pleasant, but quite a common one. Here’s a central street.
1crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg2crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg3crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpgThere’s a local airport at the very end of the fjord.


left the final port in Iceland, and we admired the magnificent panorama of the cozy town. I really liked Iceland, and I will come back here for sure to ascend the volcanoes, to swim in the springs, to cycle along the picturesque hills and valleys!
6crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg7crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpgThe ship is heading to the exit of the 


illuminated by golden sunlight.
8crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg9crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg10crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg11crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpgWhat a beautiful northern sky!
12crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpgThe Grimsey Island is left behind.
13crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpgHaving left Akureyri, the ship crossed the Polar Circle where the sun doesn’t set, but only approaches the horizon very closely, so the there are no nights.
14crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg15crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg16crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg17crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg18crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg19crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg20crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg21crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg22crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpg23crossing-a-polar-circle-spitzbergen.jpgAuthor: Uritsk
Translated by: Zoozi

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