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Cruise Around Argostoli, Brindisi, Kotor, Livorno, Messina

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 5 minutes read • June 26th, 2016
I'm not going to tell about this fun and harmonious cruise. Believe me, it has become one of the best cruises among others in a long list of my sea trips.

Argostoli, Greece.

There were taxis parked everywhere outside of the port gates, waiting for passengers from the cruise ships. There are places where it is better to rent a car with a driver, who knows where to go and what to show visiting guests on the native land. In developing countries, taxi drivers are arrogant, so you should bargain, while in other countries travel has a fixed price.
None of us had never been to 


before, so we quickly agreed to pay 35 euros per hour for a car and take a look around the island.
 “Feta”, – the driver explained.
2europe-38abklm.jpgWe stopped in the Drogarati cave, then we went down to the unique mountain lake.
3europe-38abklm.jpgThe taxi driver tried to show us the most interesting things: olives, a farm that produces mountain honey, a winery. He showed us the most beautiful beach Myrtos, where we had a swim a little.
4europe-38abklm.jpgOn our way back we stopped to buy wine. Although let me repeat one more time: ALCOHOL BELOW 15% IS ALLOWED ONBOARD THE HOLLAND AMERICA LINE!!!
5europe-38abklm.jpgWalking alone.
Kotor, Montenegro.
There were some ports where there was absolutely no need, and even stupid, to take a tour. Kotor is one such port. The ship was anchored against the stunning backdrop of the Bay of Kotor.
The pier was 656 feet (200 meters) from the entrance of the historical part of the Old Town.
6europe-38abklm.jpg7europe-38abklm.jpg8europe-38abklm.jpg We bought a guidebook and walked around the city. Such walks in a small, old town are very pleasant. Street cafes are plenty.
9europe-38abklm.jpg10europe-38abklm.jpg11europe-38abklm.jpgFinding an individual guide.
Brindisi, Italy
Of course, you should do it in advance. We had planned an 8-hour excursion with a professional guide.
Our first stop was the ancient manor of Lord Corrado, who personally met our group.
12europe-38abklm.jpgSince ancient times, his family has grown olives and made olive oil. Some of the trees were more than two thousand years old. My God, they are older than Jesus Christ!
13europe-38abklm.jpgSignor Corrado knew everything about olives. His family has a plantation of 950 trees, all of them listed in the directories through which you can learn the history. One tree provides 60 liters of high-quality oil per year.
14europe-38abklm.jpg15europe-38abklm.jpgLook how proudly the owner looks at his products!
16europe-38abklm.jpgDo not ask me the name and brand, senor Corrado does not deliver oil to the mass market. He thinks that everything sold in supermarkets is not real olive oil.
Then we arrived in Alborobello, a fabulous city in Trullo.
17europe-38abklm.jpgA hospitable mistress of a Trullo store treated us to wine and local delicatessen snacks.
18europe-38abklm.jpgDo you know that the Italians come to Puglia for fresh sea-urchins and other seafood? We went to a restaurant to try it.
19europe-38abklm.jpgWe took a rental car to 


, Italy.
Livorno is the most suitable port for traveling by car. Rental sites are located directly at the ramp of the vessel. We took a 9-seater minibus and drove to Siena.
26europe-38abklm.jpg27europe-38abklm.jpgOn the way back we stopped in San Gimignano.
28europe-38abklm.jpg29europe-38abklm.jpgAuthor: Ehlzhbeta Chegarova
Translated by: Zoozi

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