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Cruise As A Way Of Vacation

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 9 minutes read • October 17th, 2016
I'd like to tell you about the life on board, food and entertainment.
Usually, just from the gangway, you are met by a dazzling interior. However, it may look a little kitschy for a connoisseur. But is that the point?
The cheapest cabin is the inside one, that is, without a window.
The cost of the voyage depends only on the type of the cabin - in the rest, all the tourists are equal, and they receive the same service, food, and entertainment.
Thankfully, times of Titanic, when inhabitants of hold decks ate herring on a newspaper among other poor people and tourists from suites sparkled with dresses in a chic restaurant among themselves, has gone.
It's great, because many people have got the opportunity to participate in a "better life" for little money.
Lack of the natural light can be compensated with a view of a web-camera set on the bow of the ship.
It is convenient - you can always look through the "window" - what kind of weather it's there? Is it already the morning or you can continue sleeping?
You can have breakfast in different ways: in the restaurant, but at a certain time, or in the buffet at any time you want.
I often choose breakfast in the restaurant - it's so good to feel like an aristocrat right from the morning!
Fork is here, napkin is there, you can even order a glass of champagne!
Breakfast in the buffet is more democratic.
There are fresh juices, omelet is fried according to your choice (I love with salmon, spinach, and cheese), there are many variants of bird food - all kinds of muesli, in short.
If we come in the port today, it is clear that we go on a tour or simply go for a walk on our own.
If it's a day at sea, you should look for some business for yourself.
You can just read...
it's very beneficial in the fresh ocean air.
For the air to be really fresh, the roof over the pool is slightly open (if the weather does not allow to open it completely).
If it's cool on the deck, many people rest at the indoor pool. There are also hot tubs with air massage.
You can sport: there are volleyball, basketball and other courts, a fitness room, a spa with a variety of weight loss programs and programs for improving your appearance, you can play ping-pong.
By the way, I've just recently realized that if you participate in various sport competitions arranged by the animators, you get a chance to win prizes at the end of the cruise - T-shirts, jackets, and baseball caps with the logo of the ship. For example, there was a tournament where people were trying to throw rope rings in hula hoops.
Moreover, all participants get prizes, even with the worst results. Of course, because the ship has everything to make people with disabilities feel equal. By the way, on all cruises, there are always a lot of people with disabilities - conditions for them are excellent!
If sport is not for you, you can enjoy intellectual pursuits: listen to a lecture, work a crossword puzzle or charades (by the way, new cahier of papers with such games appears in the library every day. Probably, after completing and dropping them in a special box, you can also get a gift at the end of the cruise. I suspect). You can continue to do puzzles - it's an individual session, but the result is the collective one.
To have lunch, you can also go to the restaurant or choose what to eat with a tray in the buffet...
but you can also have a snack right at the swimming pool - pizza, burgers, various sweets!
If you will go to sleep after lunch, you will find your cabin tidy - stewards, who are exclusively male and mostly of South Asian origin, clean cabins, remake beds several times a day.
And they make little animals of towels as a present for you!
But many people do not sleep during the day on a cruise.
Teens, for example, can come on the upper deck in a specially allocated area - there are hammocks and other attributes of such interior...
Wine connoisseurs will go on the tasting...
There are different sales taking place on the ship every day. 
You can buy there gold or pearls... And you can buy perfumes, watches, jewelry, alcohol, and cigarettes in duty free shops.
There are always crowds of people on sales ("only one hour!")...
There is always a worthy offer for more affluent buyers: art auctions are held on every cruise.
I wonder where they get such number of paintings?!
Well, it's time for dinner.
At this point, almost everyone chooses the restaurant.
Dress code is declared on the eve in the day program.
If it's casual - you can go in the usual dress, but not in shorts, of course.
If it's formal - then please, dress up in long dresses and other diamonds!
If you didn't take dinner jacket with you, you can rent it here.
By the way, everything is in a very good condition and you rent it for the whole cruise period.
Such "dressed up" dinners are accompanied by light classical music.
What do they serve?
New Zealand lamb, Icelandic trout, kangaroo or rabbit meat, soup of currants and watermelon, oxtails, mushroom strudel, lobster, shrimp, snails, and other scallops...
Of course, it's a sin not to drink with such dishes!
Prices for alcohol are not moderate. However, self-respecting cruiser is able to afford it sometimes :)
But even here demanding public have the opportunity to break away from the collective: you can book a table in the alternative restaurant, where for a fee of 30 dollars, you can have dinner in even more comfortable conditions.
Meat is even fresher here, wine is even rarer...
After dinner, there's the evening show.
Two-storied concert hall accommodates all comers, it's never overcrowded.
What do they perform?
Broadway musical, circus performance with acrobats, standup, jazz or piano evenings...
Life on the ship does not stop even very late at night.
The crew tries to please you.
For example, they organize "Sweet Tooth Night" at the pool.
It's possible not to eat it, but it's impossible not to take pictures!
And at night, there's a disco on the upper deck.
Just keep in mind that you'll have to dance the "age-old junk" in a narrow circle of friends, perhaps there even will be two or three of you on the whole dance floor.
Old woman with their old man has already gone to sleep.
However, many people come here on one of late evenings.
They come to cheer for their friends participating in the karaoke contest or "Super Star".
This American tourist from Massachusetts was singing fine, lyrically, just great.
And here's the morning...
For you not to forget after such nosh-up and crazy holiday on board what day it is now, each morning, there will be a day of week reminder in the elevator...
By the way, you can always find out the location of the vessel in the oceans in the library on the big screen or in the cabin, on a special TV channel.
Here's the port again, here's the sea again...
The cruise ended, suitcases are ready for unloading.
And we are gazing at the sea, looking for the horizon, sucking in the salty air - that's happiness, for which we choose cruises again and again...
Author: Prosto_Gost
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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