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Cruise Guadeloupe.P.2.

Mike Seryakov • 4 minutes read • October 17th, 2015
Thanks, Valerie, for the advice!!! The beach there is really beautiful! But in my dreams were radiant sunshine and warm ocean, and in 


they were almost overshadowed by the topless ladies of different ages and figures.

French grandmothers are so accustomed to the ocean that they were sitting there solving crosswords, not distracted by anything, like it's not the island of Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe, but some quiet cafe in Paris.

When I walk along the beach and see people lying like this, I affectionately call them 'small corpses'.

A bird is taking off.

On the streets of 


I saw a children's carnival. The children walked through the streets dressed in carnival costumes and sang the national songs.

But we can't stay at one place for too long and we decided to go to the town of St. Francois, which is located even further to the East, simply because the bus goes there.
Bus stop in Guadeloupe.

Inside the bus.

There was absolutely nothing to do, and the beaches appeared to be worse than in Sainte-Anne. We were pleased only with the children who frolicked in the water.

And by Guadeloupe's tradition - topless Europeans.

Someone wise once said that those are lucky who were born in the 'cold country', they have a chance to earn money and build a career. This boy from Guadalupe lives by the sea all his life, nobody knows whether he will manage to fulfill his potential. Only fate knows what to expect. 

In Guadeloupe, our liner stood the whole day, and we had plenty of time. After a swim in Saint Francois, we got on the route bus and in a little less than an hour came to 



A new building is under construction in the city.

Wealthy people live on the lower floors and poorer people are on top floors.

In the port of Guadeloupe, I was the last to return to the ship, because I was using free wifi on my iPhone till literally the "last call".

Our liner 'Horizon' is from 1991. It's not a competitor to modern Tui ship...

And this is the end of my one-day walk around Guadeloupe.
Author: mikeseryakov
Translated by: Gian Luka

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