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Cruise Hive Tests Cruise Chatbot Launched by CruiseBe

3 minutes read • February 6th, 2018
Cruise Hive has just tested the 1st

cruise chatbot

launched by CruiseBe and shared their thoughts in the review about ‘Travel Chatbots: Virtual Cruise Assistant in Your Messenger.’
CruiseBe Chatbot

As we already know, Facebook bots are not a new agenda for the travel industry. Different virtual assistants already help travelers find flights, book hotels, rent cars, etc. However, there was no such project in the cruise market, and CruiseBe, the Texas travel startup, decided to make the things right and developed the 1st cruise chatbot.
According to Cruise Hive, ‘one of its functions, apparently, is the aggregation of information about possible leisure for a selected cruise.’ A cruise traveler just has to choose the company, ship, and sailing date – and the bot will generate a day-by-day schedule of a voyage.
The CruiseBe chatbot can also provide data about the certain ship or port of call. It will show you fascinating cruise-related articles: about your cruise liner, ports you’re going to visit, as well as cruise tips, articles about the history of cruises, etc.
Besides, one can even talk about movies, books, and other things with this virtual interlocutor. And that’s not all! One can take a test and play cruise games like ‘guess the ship’ or ‘guess the port.’
‘We got a little carried away,’ Cruise Hive said. ‘At some point, we even forgot that we were talking with the bot and not with a live person.’

As Cruise Hive concluded, the CruiseBe chatbot is a kind of ‘a virtual travel assistant, who works 24/7 and immediately answers many questions.’

You can read the full review by Cruise Hive via this link.

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