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Cruise In The Mediterranean. Mykonos. P1

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 21st, 2016
The fifth day.
We sailed from 


island to 


island. It was interesting to sail along Greece. Different islands could be seen constantly. All you do is sit on the balcony and admire the views :) A holiday is a good thing! :)
1mykonos-capi4ca.jpg2mykonos-capi4ca.jpg3mykonos-capi4ca.jpg4mykonos-capi4ca.jpg5mykonos-capi4ca.jpgAnd here, our plane was getting ready to land! We would arrive on

Mykonos island

We arrived in Mykonos at 6 p.m. Here, we reached land, and then we took a bus ride around the island:  
7mykonos-capi4ca.jpgThe buses were already waiting for us.
8mykonos-capi4ca.jpgLeaving the cabin, we tied a blue scarf on our balcony to see where we lived! It was difficult to see blue against blue, but it is possible :)
9mykonos-capi4ca.jpgFirst, there was a sightseeing tour around the island. We went to see a monastery:
10mykonos-capi4ca.jpg11mykonos-capi4ca.jpg12mykonos-capi4ca.jpg13mykonos-capi4ca.jpgCats were fed next to the monastery:
14mykonos-capi4ca.jpgThe island is very dry. It rarely rains. The water here is more expensive than electricity. The winds are strong. There are only naked mountains and white houses.
15mykonos-capi4ca.jpgPeople grow nothing here. Only cows and sheep are bred.
16mykonos-capi4ca.jpgFor this reason, all the mountains are separated by stone fences:
17mykonos-capi4ca.jpgThe houses on the island are cube-shaped, with rounded corners.
18mykonos-capi4ca.jpgIt is not allowed to build higher than two story houses on the island, in order to maintain the image of the island.
19mykonos-capi4ca.jpgLooking to the right:
20mykonos-capi4ca.jpgSo we went there:
21mykonos-capi4ca.jpgThis is the way the octopuses are dried:
22mykonos-capi4ca.jpgThe sun went down, but the number of people on the beach only grew.

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