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Cruise In The Mediterranean. Mykonos. P2

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • May 21st, 2016
The fifth day. Continuation.
The symbol of 


 island is the pelican:
1mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg2mykonos2-capi4ca.jpgWe walked around 


in the evening, so the photos are dark.
3mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg4mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg5mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg6mykonos2-capi4ca.jpgDoesn't it look like Venice? :)
7mykonos2-capi4ca.jpgHere are the city streets:
8mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg9mykonos2-capi4ca.jpgThis is the view of the streets of 

Mykonos island

10mykonos2-capi4ca.jpgBehind this bell tower, we had dinner when it was already dark outdoors. The dishes were full of seafood: squids, shrimps, fish, octopuses. Later we had some free time.
11mykonos2-capi4ca.jpgThese were the souvenir shops, a usual tourist spot. For example, there was a shop full of cats:
12mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg13mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg14mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg15mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg16mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg17mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg18mykonos2-capi4ca.jpgWe came back to the ship around 11 p.m. and sat on our balcony for a little while. It was hot and humid on the Greek islands. And even at night, it was warm and stuffy.
19mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg20mykonos2-capi4ca.jpg21mykonos2-capi4ca.jpgSo we sailed further...
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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