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Cruise In the Mediterranean. Venice. P.2.

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • May 17th, 2016
This was the first day of our cruise; our ship departed at 6 p.m. but boarding began at 2 p.m. We still had plenty of time before boarding though!  
Therefore, immediately after breakfast in the hotel, we spent the morning walking around

Venice again

. We wandered aimlessly, but of course, we brought a map of the city.
We walked along the promenade to the other part of the city, which we hadn't visited yet.
It turns out that Venice also has parks, wide streets and spacious squares, not just narrow streets.
Just look at 

Piazza San Marco

- it's completely empty. While yesterday there were crowds of tourists!
This was the park we found along the waterfront:
We walked and walked before reaching the district of expensive shops. Here we found well-known names. Our cat's name is Prada.
This is where fruit was brought and delivered to the different restaurants. Everything happened by and on the water.  
And here are some wide streets:
And spacious squares:
At this time the city was still asleep. It was Saturday, a day off. Only tourists walked around here and took pictures!
And how nice the houses in Venice could have been if it weren't for the rough and bumpy plaster . . . all because of the humidity.
And this house was just unlucky. Probably, one part of it has one house owner, and the other has another one. 
Only the facade of this building was beautiful, and everything else seemed ordinary. 
But nearby, we found this green patio:
And we continued further...

While walking around Venice, we came to the bridge near the Academy. This is the bridge over the 

Grand Canal

We crossed the bridge to the other side of the city.  
Here was the view from the bridge:
Despite it being early in the morning, there was already traffic on the canal:
We found this cozy green corner:
And here you can see how the store owners attract buyers:
We came to the square of this huge temple:
The stained glass windows were not colored; they were round and transparent. They appeared before the colored ones.
From this temple, we turned back to the hotel. After all, we were going to set sail!

Something Russian was taking place here:
Also, I forgot to mention that the walls of the houses are fastened together by partitions. Even walls inside the churches are connected by beams.  
Here, at the end of this street we took to go back to the hotel, you can see these partitions connecting the houses with each other. Of course, the streets are narrow!
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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