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Cruise On Azamara Quest. P.1

o_l_g_a_r_i • 8 minutes read • November 28th, 2016
We've just returned from a cruise.
The ship is called 

Azamara Quest

Azamara is an elder sister of


and Royal Caribbean.
The order is the next - Royal Caribbean is the so-called 'mass market', Celebrity is the 'premium class', and Azamara presents itself as a 'light luxury', 'boutique ships' or 'up-market status'.
So it's not quite luxury. Mainly because of the size of the cabins - well, Azamara has very small cabins...

This time I did not dare to take the inside cabin, although usually it's quite enough for me - that is, I do not need a balcony or a window. At least in Europe. But Azamara has such tiny inside cabins that it is beyond the rational, IMHO. Although I read later that many tourists buying the inside cabins get the upgrade - cabins with the window, and it is quite another matter - their area is the same as of the cabins with the balcony!!!
So keep this in mind - if you want to save money!!!
We managed to catch a very good offer, hurray! And we are going to do the same in the future - we really liked this ship!
However, usual prices - they are a bit prohibitive, alas (((...
Nevertheless, it's so good there, heh...
This cruise was exactly the way all the cruises should be, as for me. This is a real cruise, and not "floating Las Vegas". Everything was very modest and simple, but in style. Service was just perfect...!!! Super! Moreover, we were pleased by the number of people on the ship - you will Nowhere! Never! find crowds there. I can even say that it was almost empty)))...
Let's look at it in detail...
I know in advance that it's impossible to show you the advantage of this ship through the pictures - its understated dignity... There is nothing that you can show with the help of pictures. However, when you are there, you have the feeling of luxury, and you have it constantly.
The ship itself is pretty usual. There's no any brightness and chic...
She even has something similar to a floating hotel - furniture... and stairs...
I really liked the ship's library!
Especially its ceiling!
However, in general, the ship does not impress. If you expect something extraordinary...
We liked it! I really like this style)))...
Let's continue...
You see, there are absolutely (or almost) no irritants! Which you can find on the ships of the mass market. If this is your first time and you want to try the real cruise, it's better to do it on the normal ship, well, at least on the premium class. 
There were almost no people by the pool on Azamara. On the one hand, there are long (very long!!!) stops in every port, on the other - there is simply a small number of people in general. Sometimes we were sunbathing absolutely alone))).
Or almost alone...
Moreover, waiters ran to us always immediately and asked - if we wanted something - some drinks or a glass of wine or a smoothie, if it was just too early for alcohol)))...
They prepared smoothie in your option - you can mix everything you want - one of the smoothies in the picture is of banana and mango (with yogurt), and the other is of berries.
Yes, berries and fruit on the ship were of the super quality - ripe and delicious!!!
I ordered them for every breakfast))).
For those who think about health and leave some space in the stomach for evening dinner - there's just water)))...
When leaving

the ship

in the port, we were offered a bottled water (for people to not forget to take it with them).
P.S. All drinks, alcoholic (cocktails, wines, liqueurs, various whiskey and vodka, and so on), and non-alcoholic - smoothies, water, various tea and coffee, all of them were included in the price. There are also drinks for a fee, but free options were quite enough for us, we did not even have time to try everything)))...
Now I'll show you our cabin.
Everything is pretty usual - at least, at first sight...
Nevertheless, the cabin is quite cozy and comfortable, although it's small.
We found there fresh fruit and bottles with water every day. As well as fresh flowers...
In the evening, we were brought not chocolates, as on other ships, but small cakes. Well, maybe this is the difference just for me, I do not really like the usual chocolate...
Although we almost didn't eat fruit, (sometimes I ate only grapes), they were constantly changed. We had a wonderful steward, he noticed that I loved grapes and always put a lot of it)))...
Beds are excellent. Towels are very soft, as well as bathrobes and slippers.
If you wish, you can buy the bathrobe. Slippers were free of charge, of course. There was also a binocular and an umbrella in the cabin.
We were presented this bag - I took it for shopping in Italy)))
To be honest, I did not like their cosmetics, but I always use mine - so that does not matter. Although our steward saw that we do not use it, he constantly added new bottles)))...
You can order in the cabin everything you want - from breakfast to dinner. Usual menu was 24 hours a day...
I really liked escargots! Although I didn't find them in the menu.
It turned out that you can order there just everything (or almost everything) and cook will prepare it for you, you just have to warn the waiter in advance.
I'll tell you about food later.
We didn't order dinner in the cabin this time.
However, we ordered breakfast for a couple of times - yes. Although I liked breakfast in the restaurant more.
A couple of times, there was such a gorgeous weather that we just wanted to sit in silence on our balcony...
Although we weren't lucky this time - before we got our breakfast (in about half an hour after the order), some ship moored near us... she closed us the view(((...
There are several hot dishes in the menu for breakfast, including steaks!!!
However, we don't eat such food for breakfast... Just coffee, fruit and muffins or pancakes...
We also ordered tea in the cabin several times.
Although, let me stress once again - I still prefer to do it all in the restaurant, not in the cabin!
We also ordered sandwiches - just wanted to take them ashore, to feed cats and birds), and I ordered the cake for tea)))...
By the way, the juice for breakfast was freshly squeezed from oranges!!!, and not as it often happens - from concentrates...
Let's continue our tour of Azamara Quest (Cruise On Azamara Quest. P.2)!
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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