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Cruise on Celebrity Constellation. P.1

o_l_g_a_r_i • 6 minutes read • November 25th, 2016


casts itself as a premium cruise line and the main thing that makes the difference in comparison with the mass market is food. Serving of dishes, quality of food, menu, etc.
So I'll start my review form food on the ship

Celebrity Constellation

Let's start with a buffet - Oceanview Cafe.
Usually we do not eat in the buffet. I absolutely do not like the principle itself - everything is mixed haphazardly on one plate. Of course, you can be creative and try to put all those things on the plate nicely and choose the proper ingredients. It may look like a separate dish, but I like when it's done by the cook. Nevertheless,

Celebrity ships

(at least the ones I visited) have an open area situated astern, which is a continuation of the buffet, and there is an excellent view of the sea, live music in the evening, and you can even sunbathe there. So the place is pleasant in every respect.
You can see this place in the first pictures.
You sit there and admire such view.
We visited this place only two times for the whole trip, and only when there were days at sea. I still love sushi, and you can find them only in the buffet - I have never seen them in the restaurant menu. I can't say anything bad about sushi - I like them on the ship, though I am not an expert.
Here are several pictures of the local assortment.
Main restaurant is the place that we visited every day - in the morning and in the evening.
Here are several pictures from the restaurant - Eggs Benedict...
Here are waffles, pancakes, fruit, muesli, omelets, bakes, etc.
Once we ordered breakfast in the cabin. There is a small selection of hot dishes. Baking is called "danish" and it's all the same. 
Assortment of food from the menu that you can order in the cabin is very poor! 
However, if you wish, you can ask them to bring something else - not from the menu. We asked))). Several times we ordered something light for a snack during the day, because we did not want to go to the buffet. Sometimes we ordered just drinks. Please, keep this in mind - if you do not want to buy water and anything else non-alcoholic, you can always order it in the cabin for free!
You can make your order by phone - if you want something that is not in the menu, or with the help of your TV set - but there you can choose dishes only from the menu.
There was no brunch during days at sea - and this is a great minus!!! 
Now let's talk about the evening restaurant. We were very lucky with the waiter this time! Well, just very very lucky!!! His name is Chris or Christopher.
Most of the dishes were of high quality. Only once we did not like a duck - it was like rubber...
Another time I was a little surprised that they served only one scallop as an appetizer!!!
However, it was tasty. I can't tell you the same about the lobster.
We really liked fish with crabmeat.
I also liked escargot.
And here are other pictures...
Once we went for dinner in the cafe on the 5th deck, which cost is not included - Bistro on Five.
This is one of such cafes, but the fee is small, only 10 dollars. Then you can order anything you want from the menu. The menu is very small and we didn't like the food there. Besides pancakes - they're great!
This is an option for those who want some privacy - while the main restaurant is full of people, these ones are quiet and calm. However, you have to pay $ 45 per person in the restaurant called "Ocean Liners", and, to be honest, we did not dare to do that. I do not even know whether this restaurant is worth paying extra money.
Still, if you like the free one, the restaurant where you have to pay doesn't look pretty attractive. However, this is definitely the option for those who are tired of a large number of people. Well, or you can order food in the cabin))).
Another option is Tuscan Grille - it costs $ 20 per evening. There is also a restaurant for passengers of Aqua class.
Here's another plus - now there is an option called "Select Main Dining" in addition to the first and second shifts, I think many people will like it.
I liked the ice cream in Gelateria on the fifth deck. It was as delicious as in Italy)))
It is for a fee. I don't remember its cost, my husband ate it, and only once, and for free coupons that we were given because of some status - when you swim with the company not for the first time))). I'm not a fan of ice cream, but I tried it a couple of times in the buffet - and, to be honest, I didn't like it.
So here are my impressions. Let's continue our tour of the ship (Cruise on Celebrity Constellation. P.2)!
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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