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Cruise on Celebrity Constellation. P.2

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • November 25th, 2016
Let's continue our tour of

Celebrity Constellation

(Cruise on Celebrity Constellation. P.1)!
Constellation is almost a complete copy of two other ships of

Celebrity Cruises

 - Millennium and Infinity (we've already traveled on them).
However, there are several differences.
Some of them have appeared just recently.
Shops really pleased me. There's still a lot of different trifle (such as "everything $ 10"), but I also found clothes of more or less decent level. And this is a plus, especially because of the fact that bags sometimes are lost by airlines and there's a risk that you can get on the ship without a change of clothes. There were clothes of such brands like Boss, Ralph Lauren and others. Moreover, there were discounts!
This time our stops were not too long. And this was a plus for us. After all, we are on the ship, so we want an endless distance, rocking on the waves, sunsets on the horizon, dolphins swimming after the ship, etc. This time we had all of that))).
Here is one of our favorite places on the ship, especially during the departure.
Service in bars (and in the theater) seemed to be excellent - the staff came to us immediately, served quickly, and we didn't feel the importunity. All the waiters were nice young people. 
There are

a lot of bars

on the ship.
Open upper decks were a bit overcrowded during the days at sea, but the service around pools was also great. And there was enough space for everyone. We were always able to find a free sunbed, especially on the top deck.
There were more people by the indoor pool, but it probably depends on the region and time of the year. We were almost alone there on the Caribbean cruises!
By the way, this time we even met some children on the ship - of course, just several of them - about 5-8.
Any way, Celebrity is not for children and adolescents, they will be bored.
As almost all the ships, this one also has the casino and slot machines. 
However, there were almost no people - it was pretty empty near the slot machines even in the evening.
Atrium on all the ships was the same. Well, absolutely the same! With the only difference that we were on Millenium on Christmas and the atrium was decorated. This type of Celebrity ships has such a modest atrium.
In general, decoration of the ship is pretty obscure and modest. We like it. So if you also vote for the chastity and simplicity, you will like it).
However, ships of Celebrity have really bright places. Fortunately, there are just several of them...
Here are decorations in the buffet.
The best shows, in my opinion, were with humorists.
We could also spectate a bit of "song-and-dance".
I tried to take a picture of the whole ship, but I didn't manage to do that, the distance from the entrance to the port to the ship was too small.
So I'll show you two pictures...
And here are some other pictures from there...
Here are things that are pleasant on all ships - views of the sea, cities you are passing by, flecks of sunlight on the waves...
We had just excellent time of departure - about 6 pm. We often had time to watch the departure just before dinner, and then, when the darkness fell, we could watch the starry sky in all its glory on the upper deck. When the sky and the sea are very dark and everywhere - over your head and to the horizon - there are stars, stars, stars! This is our favorite evening activity - to lie on the sunbed, with a blanket, and enjoy the stars! It's impossible to see anything like this in the city...
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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