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Cruise on Celebrity Eclipse

wwworld • 4 minutes read • April 27th, 2017

Celebrity Eclipse was built in 2010 and is one of the largest vessels built in Germany. Her length is 317 meters. 

This was our first cruise on Celebrity. 

Let's begin our acquaintance with the ship from the cabin. We booked two Oceanview cabins with a window. We were lucky, and the two cabins we got turned out to be with a forward-looking view in the direction of the liner's movement. Because of the natural bevel of the ship's hull, the space in the cabin increased significantly.

Our cabin was located on the 8th deck (in total, the ship has 14 decks), and our kids' cabin was on the 7th deck.

Here's a view from our cabin's window. I joked that only the steer wheel was missing.

The ship is very cozy.

The ship's interior is pleasant and bright:

Kids' club:

Our breakfast:

I'll show you the upper decks, where we spent most of the time on our cruise. There are two main pools in the public area: one is shallow with a maximum depth of 1.35 meters, and the second one is deep (1.85-1.95 meters). The water in both pools is extremely warm.

In the daytime, various tournaments were arranged in and around the pool.

Here's how the upper deck looks like at sea days:

There is also an "adults only" area with a separate indoor pool and several hot tubs:

Celebrity Eclipse has a lawn with trimmed grass on the upper deck, unlike other ships of her class.
In the evenings after dinner, our children usually went to their cabin and arranged a pajama party there, and we came here to sit outside in a pleasant company.

Here's another amusement on the ship: a glass blowers workshop.
Each cruise, there is a contest for the best drawing arranged in the kids' club. The thing drawn by the contest winner is blown by the craftsmen out of the glass in front of a crowd of spectators.

Let's talk about pros and cons (from my subjective point of view)!

- Excellent food.
- The ship is small, you can quickly get from one place to another.
- Various temperature of the water in the pools: one is slightly warmer, the other is colder. You can always choose what you like.

- When the sea runs high, even slightly, you greatly feel the rocking.
- There are no water slides.
- Not many attractions (although it's a plus for some).

As for money. The price was 1260 dollars for each cabin. Moreover, we were given $150 onboard credit because of the early booking, as well as the free internet for one cabin and prepaid tips for another. We did not know where to spend this credit. 

We liked Celebrity.
Author:  wwworld
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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