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Cruise On Diamond Princess

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 4 minutes read • July 7th, 2016
We went on the cruise around Hokkaido on the 

Diamond Princess

There were a lot of tourists from Japan and its neighboring countries! And no more than 5 percent of passengers were from other countries. Most of the people there were young, the average age was between 30 and 50. There were also a lot of families with children, not so many with older family members.  
I found an interesting event in the program - basic English for the Japanese, and the reverse - basic Japanese for Americans. It was cool!
The sports arena was a major disappointment! There were no group classes, not even a stretching class, which came standard on other cruises as a morning exercise. There wasn't even a cycling class, yoga, personal training, or free aerobics, step, Body Condition and ABS trainings - there was nothing! And I had planned to exercise more often while on vacation.

We found what could be described as barely a library, buried in a high traffic hallway, on the side of the three-story atrium. So, that's where we sat. There was a performance being held behind us; passengers were being shown how to cut fruit in beautiful ways, presented SPA-programs (there was even a massage shown in front of an audience), and dance performed by a couple. The music was playing, the audience were applauding, children were running around . . . and we were in the library. This wasn't work, it was a holiday!  
There was a formal dinner, as well as an anniversary celebration at the next table (look, how nicely these servers are holding hands!)
And there was a birthday celebration for a young girl at the next table: 
There was a HUGE line of guests wishing to be photographed at these steps, it was a lot of work. Here is one of the many families we saw on our cruise: 
Champagne was poured into glasses stacked like a fountain:  
And a virtuoso pianist brilliantly finished the day.
Here are more pictures from the 


Author: Prosto_Gost
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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