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Cruise on Harmony of the Seas. P.1

wwworld • 8 minutes read • April 26th, 2017
Harmony of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean International's cruise liner designed to surprise. The liner joined the Oasis class and surpassed Allure and Oasis in size, which means she became the largest cruise ship in the world. She has an enchanting onboard infrastructure of the Oasis class: "Central Park" with live trees, the Aquatheater, zip line, Broadway musicals, the first in the sea Starbucks coffee house.

And even more. Harmony of The Seas has three-story water slides (the first in the Royal Caribbean fleet), inside cabins with virtual balconies, and a bar with bartenders robots. If a "rest" means a kaleidoscope of events and entertainment for you, you will love this liner.

The ship shines with cleanness and novelty. She took her first sailing on May 29, 2016, but cruise sales began much earlier than this date. I booked this cruise back in February of last year, that is, three months before the ship was built.

We flew to Miami on December 16 in the afternoon. At noon of the next day, we were already onboard the largest cruise liner.

As soon as you get on board, you understand that the ship is really gigantic. She has 18 decks. She accommodates more than 5,000 passengers and 3,000 crew members. For comparison, the capacity of the cruise liner of the usual size, such as Celebrity Eclipse, is twice less.

Let's begin our acquaintance with the ship from the inside. I ordered two neighboring cabins with a balcony overlooking the Central Park. The cabins were located on the eleventh deck. They are completely identical: one was for me and my wife, and the second one - for our children.

The cabin is quite spacious (for two persons): a large king-size bed, a sofa, a work desk, a toilet with a shower.

It is a view of the Central Park from the balcony. All trees and vegetation are real.

Since the cabins 11603 and 11605 were next to each other, we asked our steward to open the partition on the balcony on the very first day. We could get from one cabin to the other through the balcony. It is very convenient because we didn't have to go out into the hallway.

Each balcony has two armchairs, which can be transformed into a sunbed. In the evenings, we often sat on the balcony with a bottle of wine listening to live music from the Central Park.

By the way, as for wine. Alcohol on board is quite expensive. The cheapest bottle of wine on the ship costs 29 dollars. The same bottle costs 8-10 dollars at Walmart. According to the rules of cruise companies, you can carry alcohol on board only at the very beginning of the cruise: one bottle of wine per adult. You are not allowed to bring alcohol on board in the ports of call. It is seized upon entering the ship and returned on the last evening before arriving at the final destination.

Since Harmony of the Seas is a new ship, in honor of this event, a surprise was waiting for each passenger in the cabin: a bottle of red wine from Royal Caribbean. Since we had two cabins, we got two bottles. Well, we did not experience a lack of wine (we even had one bottle left after the cruise).

In the mornings, when we still were asleep, the children went out onto the balcony, laid on the sunbeds, and played games. 

Deck 5 is called Promenade. It has cafes, shops, bars, lounges, tour desks, the Guest Relation, etc.

It was always crowded, and everything reminded of Christmas there:

You can find iPads of common use throughout the ship with only one application from Royal Caribbean.

You just have to put your ship's card to a special reader. The system will recognize the passenger and offer to reserve a place in a paid restaurant, check information, and buy a tour in any port along the itinerary. As well as to reserve a seat for the evening (and day) shows. Yes, because the ship is huge, there are several shows arranged every day, and they take place in different areas. There is a reservation system to avoid crowds: you can choose the show you are interested in and order seats absolutely for free. Those who have the reservation are allowed to take their seats 15 minutes before the show. 5 minutes before the start, the doors open for everyone. Thus, those who have the reservation get the best seats.

We did not visit many shows: a water show in the aqua theater and the Broadway musical. We spent the rest of the days just walking around the ship, and it wasn't boring!

It is a local photo studio:

Everything is also in electronic form here, unlike other ships we sailed on. On other ships, photos of guests taken by the professional photographers during the day are printed and posted on public display in the hope that they will be bought for 20-30 dollars apiece. However, everything is different on Harmony of the Seas.

There are monitors where you can see photos related only to you and your group. There is a face recognition system that attaches each picture to one or several groups of vacationers, and only they can preview this photo. The future has arrived.

However, this is not the end. One of the ship's feature is Bionic Bar, the bar where cocktails are made not by people, but by robots:

Pay attention to bottles with various alcoholic beverages hanging from the ceiling. There are several iPads in the bar. You can order cocktails with their help. You can either choose something from the menu, or make up your own unique recipe, but the proportion of strong alcohol should not be more than a third of the glass volume. This cocktail costs 12 dollars, and you can get it by putting the same card with which the payment was made. Here's how it happens:
There are many ordinary bars for those who prefer to order drinks in the same old way.

Let's go further. There is the Boardwalk on the 6th deck in the back of the ship. It is another positive place where you can take a walk.

It is the place where the only Starbucks coffee shop in the sea is situated:

Abyss, the ship's most terrible slide with a height of a 10-storey house, leads to the 6th deck.

Small kids can climb the wall here:

Here's a view of the Boardwalk from the 15th deck:

Let's go further. You can stroll along the Central Park with real trees and vegetation on the 8th deck. There are also cafes, restaurants, bars, and live music in the evenings. As I've already mentioned above, our balconies overlooked the Central Park.

Let's continue our tour of Harmony of the Seas (Cruise on Harmony of the Seas. P.2)!
Author:  wwworld
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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