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Cruise on Harmony of the Seas. P.2

wwworld • 9 minutes read • April 27th, 2017
Let's continue our tour of Harmony of the Seas (Cruise on Harmony of the Seas. P.1 )!

There is a fully equipped fitness center on the 6th deck in the ship's forepart:

From the fitness center, you can go down the stairs to the jogging track on the 5th deck. It stretches along the perimeter of the ship on 700 meters. As you can see from the next picture, even passengers in wheelchairs warm up here.

There is a small ice rink for all winter lovers on the 4th deck. Since it is hot here, ice is poured every 20 minutes. You can rent ice skates and equipment for free.

Finally, it's time to go up to the upper decks, where main activities take place in the daytime: decks 14-15-16 and 17.

Here is the view from the 15th deck in Jamaica. You can see how high it is.

There is a children's aqua area with a children's slide and a swimming pool:

Mini Golf:

Surf simulator:

Zip line, a flight over the Boardwalk, an unforgettable experience of a step into the 10-story abyss.

Well, and the Abyss slide, of course. It's another hallmark of Harmony of the Seas.

At first, I thought it was a water slide, but it turned out that it was not. On the contrary, you can ride on it only if the clothes are dry. Since the slide is very steep down to 35 meters, they give you special felt mattresses. You need to sit down on it and hold on tight to it, for not to fly off it and skin all the protruding parts of the body on the metal slide.

Here's another attraction: a rock for climbers. My kids tried ше and even climbed to its middle, about 10 meters up.

This is the aqua theater at the stern of the ship on the 6th deck:

It's such a pleasure to walk in the evening on the upper decks: it's warm, there's a light breeze! Or you can swim.

View of the Central Park from above:


Here's one of the four outdoor pools (there are also indoor ones):

We had a special occasion that impressed us on the third day of the cruise. As I've already written, the ship's crew consists of three thousand people from more than 80 countries. There are also representatives of Norway or rather one representative: there is one Norwegian out of 3000 thousand people. His name is Johnny, and he works as a captain there. 

I'll tell you how we found out it. On the second day of the cruise, after returning to the cabin in the evening, I found the voice message left for us on the phone. We listened to it: the Royal Caribbean ambassador called us on behalf of the captain of the ship, who invites us to visit the captain's bridge on the next day.

At first, I thought it was a joke. There are 5,000 people on the ship, and it is our first time with Royal Caribbean. Why did the captain invite us to the captain's bridge? I know that one of the excursions offered on board is visiting the service areas of the ship. However, this excursion is held on a penultimate day and costs $149 per person, and people don't visit the captain's bridge on it.

I decided to check it and went to the Guest Relation. They looked at me like at an idiot when I told them that I was called by the ambassador on behalf of the captain with an invitation to the captain's bridge. They said they had no information about it.

However, we had the invitation, and we decided to use it. We sent the children to the Kid's Club, approached the front elevators on the 12th deck at the appointed time. People began to join us. They all spoke Norwegian. In a couple of minutes, Carmen came, the woman ambassador of Royal Caribbean, who called us with the invitation from the captain. It turned out that Captain Johnny is the only Norwegian on the ship, and he was bored. He decided to invite all the Norwegians who were on board to come to his captain's bridge to chat in their native language.

Before going there, we were checked by a security officer (like before boarding an airplane), and then we went to the service room leading to the captain's bridge.

The captain appeared to be a very nice man who immediately allowed us to photograph everything we wanted, only asked not to touch the levers. :) There are four people constantly present on the captain's bridge: the captain, his two assistants: very nice girls, one from Germany, the second from Venezuela. And a man that tracks small objects.
The captain's bridge receives an image from thousands of surveillance cameras installed throughout the ship. You can see almost every area.

A week on this huge ship went too quickly. Summing up, I'll try to formulate the pros and cons of this ship from my subjective point of view.

- A huge ship, where one can always find what to do. Attractions are everywhere, and the choice is quite broad and varied.
- Despite plenty of people on board, there are no problems with sunbeds. Even on the sea days, you can always find vacant sunbeds.
- Very pleasant atmosphere and unobtrusiveness. You plan your vacation on your own at a comfortable pace.
- A significant plus for us: you do not feel rocking at all. It seems that you are on the shore. This giant is not afraid of the waves.
- Shining purity and novelty.
- Good food. I can't say that it is excellent but it's good. Remaining hungry is impossible. The food in paid restaurants is delicious. We visited the steakhouse, and it was great.
- "This is the ship of the future." Everything is computerized here.
- The kid's club works all day without a break. In port days, children can be left here from early morning until evening. We did it when we went on an excursion to Chichen Itza that lasted 9 hours.

- A huge ship, and as a consequence, a lot of people. There are lines for water slides, the zip-line, surf simulator. Sometimes it's hard to find a table in a self-service restaurant during breakfast or lunch.
- It is a long time to wait at breakfast in the a la carte restaurant.
- A complex system of the online booking. It is great, but it takes half a cruise until you figure it out.
- Cabins with the balcony above the Boardwalk are not the best ones since there is a children's merry-go-round downstairs. When it works, monotonous music playing there is pretty annoying. It's good that our cabins were above the Central Park.
- There's not enough space in the pools on the upper deck. Although there are four pools, they are very small and shallow.
- The price. However, it's Harmony of the Seas, and sales for the next few years are not expected.

I'd also like to tell you about the financial matter. Each cabin on Harmony of the Seas cost us 2253 dollars. It includes the cabin with the balcony and the view of the Central Park, all food on the ship, some non-alcoholic drinks: tea, coffee, lemonade, ice tea, water, juice (from concentrate) for breakfast. Other drinks (soda, wine, cocktails) are for a fee.

We were given 75 dollars onboard credit for each cabin because of the early booking (I booked in February, that is, 10 months before the cruise, even before the ship was built). One can spend it on any purchases on the ship: drinks, excursions, tips.

As for tips. As a default, each passenger (not the cabin, but the passenger) is charged $13.50 per day as tips. It's distributed between the kitchen, those who clean the cabins, animators, etc. This sum is not unconditional and final. It's such a default. It can be changed manually either upward or downward.
Author:  wwworld
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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