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Cruise On Majesty Of The Seas

Nefer • 7 minutes read • October 30th, 2015
It was a 4-day cruise with an interesting route. We visited the Bahamas and stayed at the port of Key West. The ship was called 

Majesty of the Seas


Cruise started in the port of 


. Boarding on the ship is like the registration at the airport: the same desks, passports, visas and luggage check-in. Suitcases are later delivered to the cabins. There are a lot of passengers, so the process is quite slow. When you pay for the cruise, they send documents to your e-mail (landing papers, luggage tags, description of the route, all sorts of reminders and recommendations). In the photo is our room, I booked a cabin with a window in the middle of the 8th deck. We were greeted as honored guests. The guy's name was Iwayan, he was Asian, most likely Vietnamese. His position was called the stateroom attendant. Every day he greeted us, asked how the stay was, if everything was OK, smiled, said compliments, and wished bon appetit.
The TV showed information in English, Spanish and other languages. 

View from the window of our cabin. The ship is still in port. Registration lasted from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. An hour after boarding we set sail.

We went to explore the liner. There is a map of the ship on each floor.

As soon as you step on the board of the ship, you get the all-inclusive. We thought we would be among the first passengers at lunch, but there were a lot of people. And the dinner lasted until the evening! There's so much food! In the photo the Windjammer Cafe buffet restaurant. You can have lunch there from noon to 2:30 pm. If you oversleep, have no time or simply get hungry, you just have to go to another restaurant - Compass Deli. In any case, you will not stay hungry, you can always catch up at the snack bars like Johnny Rockets, Sorrento's pizzeria, Latte-Tudes cafe and other places. At different times of the day you'll be offered ice cream by the pool, in between meals you can get a hot dog. It's all free. There are separate paid bars and restaurants where you can relax from the bustle of casual dining and enjoy food in a relaxed atmosphere.

We found a free place with a panoramic window.

Live performances are held several times a day. In that moment, some reggae band was playing. There were master classes in Latin dance, karaoke evenings, musicals and performances. Overall, activities for every taste. Everything is included in the cruise price. I was in shock.

The bridge and the road leading from Miami to South Beach.

We are sailing, HURRAH!

Sailing past the island of Watson. The Royal Caribbean terminal is the closest to Miami, to get to the sea we have passed through the narrow canal where cruise ships are moored. 

We are going very slowly. Sailing past the ships of other companies.

We need to get into this narrow chink. On the left, there are the high-rises of Miami Beach, on the right, there is the port of Miami.

Star Island. The island is located in Biscayne Bay near the southern tip of Miami Beach. From above it looks oval. The interesting fact is that the island is artificial. At various times it was home to Gloria Estefan, Shaquille O'Neal and other celebrities. On Wikimapia houses of Elizabeth Taylor and Julio Iglesias are marked, however, I've heard that this false information was spread by realtors. There are a few nearby Islands: Palm Island, Hibiskus Island and others. Perhaps the coolest one is Fisher Island. This is the private island with its own administration and security. You can get there only by water, but outsiders are not allowed there. 

The bridge leading to 

Miami Beach

. Houses on the other side are already in South Beach.

Murano Condominiums in the Portofino area.

Miami Beach Marina yacht club.

Portofino Tower.

Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse in South Pointe Park.

South Beach where we were hanging out for a few days. 

Mall and a wooden pier, which was closed for some reason.

Then it finally got dark and the ship sailed to the open sea. It's time for dinner, we changed and went to a restaurant. All passengers stay in one of the two rooms - Moonlight and Starlight. They look exactly the same but are situated on different floors. In addition to these two places, there are a few other where you can also eat. In the photo is my dessert with a roll of ice cream.

And this is creme brulee. It doesn't look very appetizing but is actually very tasty.

In the middle of the ship, there is a seven-story atrium. There are duty-free shops, and in the evenings - live music.

If you remember the first photo of the cabin, there was a double bed. Iwayan saw that we were not a couple and offered to organize separate beds. When we returned to the room after dinner, we found a rearrangement. Everything is provided for the convenience of customers.

In the evening there was a variety of entertainment in different halls. This is the Boleros lounge. It was very fun.

The ship sailed very smoothly, there was no shaking. I chose the cruise only with the nights at sea, did not want to waste time during the day.
Author: neferjournal
Translated by: Gian Luka

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