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Cruise to Santa Marta

Zadirako Polina • 3 minutes read • November 4th, 2015
Promenade in

Santa Marta


Panoramic sights of the city.

Simon Bolivar Park.

Some protests near the local administration building.


Former building of the local administration, now there is some kind of tourist organization.

La calle 21, street, where I lived.

View from the balcony of the hostel.

Prestigious Rodadero district and beach. There are plenty of people. Do not go there.

And this is a really cool beach, but far away. 2-3 minutes by bus after

Tayrona National Park

. In total, about an hour to go. Even more, sometimes the bus goes very slowly.

The beach has a camping site. Everything is very civilized.

It's impossible to swim there because the waves are suitable only for surfers. But.... just a little further, if you go behind this mountain, there is another beach where the Caribbean Sea meets with the river. Every day it looks different, the river flows one way and then another way. But the place is really beautiful. You can safely swim in the river.

This is just a picture of the road that leads to the miracle river.

That river...

House in which Simon Bolivar lived and died. 

Museum on the territory of his residence.

The water is ice. I could not be in it more than 1-2 minutes. Someone was sitting for a long time.

And all crazy jumped from waterfall.

The place is very beautiful...
Author: zadirako
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Translated by: Gian Luka

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