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CruiseBe CEO Alex Shumaiev: Motivation Is The Main Feature

3 minutes read • July 19th, 2017
What are the main fundamentals of modern enterprise’s success? Of course, one can name viability, effectiveness, productivity, and practical realization. However, there’s one important feature we often forget to mention. We are talking about motivation! The CruiseBe CEO Alex Shumaiev shared his thoughts about the importance of motivation for the today’s entrepreneurs, as well as tips on how to stay motivated with Hearpreneur.​
cruisebe ceo alex shumaiev and cruisebe cto maryna shumaieve at dallas new tech
The CruiseBe CEO Alex Shumaiev and his wife, the CruiseBe CTO Maryna Shumaieva, at Dallas New Tech

According to Alex, "Motivation is one of the main features every entrepreneur should have!" Along with passion, it leads the enterprise to success. He compared the CEO with a captain of a ship in the Middle Ages and emphasized the importance to motivate your team. Alex named watching movies and TV-shows, following the stories of other people’s success, and, of course, reading as the possible tactics to get motivated. ‘Read a lot – everything from classical literature to modern blog articles. Read the stories about successful entrepreneurs, companies, athletes, etc." Alex said.

You can read more of the CruiseBe CEO’s thoughts, as well as many helpful pieces of advice from other successful entrepreneurs, in the article: ’23 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Motivation or if ‘Motivation is Garbage’!

You can also check the motivation tips for creating content online that Alex shared with ​VloggerGear here!

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