CruiseBe CEO Alex Shumaiev Shares His Motivation Tips For Creating Content Online

July 14th, 2017 • 2 mins read

Being an online content creator is a good option for those seeking for the freedom of choice and financial independence. However, there are times when the inspiration disappears, ideas slip through your fingers, and you feel frustrated. Right motivation is all you need!
The CruiseBe CEO Alex Shumaiev and his wife, the CruiseBe CTO Maryna Shumaieva, at Dallas Startup Week 

The CruiseBe CEO Alex Shumaiev shared his thoughts with VloggerGear in the article about the "Insights From Successful Online Content Creators On How To Keep Motivated."
He mentioned passion, readers' feedback, and progress as the key factors that push him to write.
"I think that the main thing that motivates me is a passion. If you want to create nice content you have not to think about money, traffic, whether this content becomes viral or not.. I suppose that you have to think about one thing: will this article help someone or not?" Alex said.

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