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CruiseBe CTO Marina Shumaieva Names the Apps Helpful In Growing Your Startup

3 minutes read • August 28th, 2017
When starting up your own business, you meet numerous problems and walls on your way to success. However, you also meet many capabilities and tools to help you and grow your startup. Technology is one of them, and the


CTO and Co-Founder Marina Shumaieva named the apps that help her and her husband, the CruiseBe CEO Alex Shumaiev, in developing their travel startup.
marina shumaieva cruisebe cto
Marina Shumaieva, CruiseBe CTO and Co-Founder

First of all, Marina named Slack since well-run communication in the team is among the main components of success. Together with her husband and contractors from the USA and Europe, they tried to communicate via Skype, Sococo, emails, and various messengers. However, only Slack helped to establish a communication process, to simplify the exchange of tasks, data, etc. ‘I would say that since we began to use Slack, we saved a lot of time. I think our productivity had grown twice after we began to use Slack.’ Marina said in her interview to TechBii.

The CruiseBe CTO also mentioned Dropbox as one of the apps that helped to increase the productivity of her startup when talking about technology to grow the business with TechSling. However, according to Marina, Google Drive appeared to be easier and more helpful in the course of her company’s development.

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