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CruiseBe CTO Marina Shumaieva: What It's Like To Be A Woman In Tech

4 minutes read • November 16th, 2017
What kind of person comes to your mind when you think about a start-up’s creator? Particularly about its Chief Technology Officer (CTO)? No doubt you imagine a confident and experienced man. What would you say if you saw a beautiful young woman representing her development at TechCrunch Disrupt, one of the world’s most important technology events? We bet you'd be shocked!


CTO and Co-Founder Marina Shumaieva told Women 2.0 about what it's like to be a woman in tech.
cruisebe cto marina shumaieva at techcrunch disrupt
Marina Shumaieva, CTO and Co-Founder at CruiseBe, is presenting her product at the Startup Alley

This year, Marina Shumaieva and her husband Alex Shumaiev, CEO and Co-founder at CruiseBe, took part in TechCrunch Disrupt. After facing different situations on this event, the CruiseBe CTO decided to share her experience of being the woman in tech.
For example, Marina noticed that people (including reporters) first of all paid attention to her appearance and not to the product she was presenting. Well, it’s no surprise! Marina is very good looking. And she knows how to use her charm for the sake of business!
“When the conversation about my company's product touched the technical part, people were turning to Alex (the male co-founder and CEO of CruiseBe) to continue the discussion with him,” – Marina told Women 2.0. Apparently, most of us do not expect the woman to be a start-up’s technical lead. Nevertheless, Marina had already got used to seeing the shock on the faces of people.
“Being a woman in tech, especially if you are a CTO, shouldn’t mean that you have to look like a nerd for people to trust your leadership,” – Marina said, and we absolutely agree with her!

You can read more of the CruiseBe CTO’s thoughts, as well as many helpful tips for female co-founders, in Marina’s interview to Women 2.0 via this link.

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