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Cruising With Toddlers? You Might Need These 11 Tips

5 minutes read • April 17th, 2017
The rumor has it that taking toddlers on a cruise can be burdening for parents and not very safe for the babies. What if the weather gets rough? What if there won’t be many entertainment options?  What if they catch a cold or an allergy? Food poisoning? The list of horrors parents might be thinking about is long. Before you make a decision, we suggest you take do into account these tips.
1. Do not take kids who haven’t been potty trained yet. Usually,

cruise lines

do not let kids in the swim diapers get into the pools. Only some ships of



Royal Caribbean

, so far, will let you do it. Also, most cruise lines have all the activities for 3-year-old kids and older. This means your baby will be stuck with you most of the time. If you wish to have more time on your own, it might be inconvenient.
2. Cruise lines offer in-cabin babysitting services for the extra fee. However, if you haven’t yet had a nanny to sit with your baby, you can never guess what the first experience might be. The baby might not take it. You will be worried, the baby will be stressed. Not the most relaxing situation.
3. If the baby crawls already, do take many clothes to change often. You will not be able to clean the floors everywhere, but the baby might be wiping all the dirt away.
4. Also, by now you have probably already discovered that toddlers are very curious and crawl fast. While you are drinking your cocktail and looking at a sunset, your baby (if not looked after), can crawl wherever it wants. And the decks or stairways might not be the best places for a baby to play. Usually, a cabin is the safest place unless there are areas designed specifically for babies.
5. Motion sickness can get over baby very fast. So you may want to take enough meds for that. The best decision would be to go to the pediatrician before the cruise. The doctor can advise best on the meds to cure sea sickness and anything else that might bother baby at sea.
6. You might want to take an umbrella stroller with you. It will take up less space than a regular one in your cabin. The one that is easiest to transport will be the best. In a stroller, it will be easier to take a baby on tours at ports.
7. A large reserve of baby food and bottles is a must-have. So do not expect light weight packing. Also, do not forget toys. Lots of toys. You might return home with even more toys.
8. Prepare to spend much on laundry services. Also, take some soap for washing baby’s bottles and dishes.
9. When you book excursions at ports, get those that provide some interesting things to do for kids.
10. It is a good thing to have a cabin with a balcony so that when baby sleeps, you can enjoy some time for you two only.
11. Since not all cabins have bathtubs, you should take an inflatable tub that is small enough to travel with. You will be able to fill it with the water from shower.

To sum up, you just have to percept the cruise as a fun activity, not an extra burden to lay on your shoulders. Your cabin is cleaned and made up every day, you do not have to cook, just enjoy and look out for adventures with your little one. If your baby handles road trips or sleepovers, he/she will enjoy the cruise too. Unfortunately, he will not remember it. But you can always take lots of photos to show later.

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