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Curacao, the Lesser Antilles. P.1

o_l_g_a_r_i • 6 minutes read • August 4th, 2016
We spent only one day on the island of 


, that's why I'll show you only  "superficial cruise notes".
For what Curaçao stuck in my memory?
First of all, for its "jokingly-colored" capital of


, where as many as 765 monuments or buildings are under protection of UNESCO!
And for its absolutely European waterfronts ;-)...
For huge iguanas...
And for very, very bright color of the sea!!!
And for colorful-busty women in bushes...
Maybe, it's the local ideal of beauty :-)?
And for many other things, including their famous liqueur;-), which we then were drinking for several days before our departure from Puerto Rico.
By the way, do you know that the word Curaçao is even used in Europe as a description of blue - for example, in the description of dyes or in the description of colors in clothes... In honor of their liquor!
I read that there should be the cave with long-nosed bats on


. My imagination drew little fluffy bats with long proboscis...
So I suggested our friends to go to the caves first of all.
People immediately agreed to go to look at bats...
And what? We hadn't seen bats on that cruise.
We went there...
Caves are called Hato Caves.
In addition to bats, you can see there wall paintings of the Caiquetios, which are 1500 years old.
And the cave with stalactites and stalagmites.
In fact, I liked them very much. Not the caves, of course, but a great tour guide and his story associated with these caves ;-). So, I recommend it. Despite everything:-)...
There are really many bats in this cave. Thousands of them. And they are terribly arrogant - they fly at high speed directly at your nose...
But it is almost impossible to take pictures of them.
And there are no chances to take a closer look at these long-nosed creatures. Only if you catch one of them, flying near you.
However, I took some pictures of the cave...;-)
Maybe, you will find the bat there;-) I did not manage to do that...
After the caves, my storage of knowledge about Curaçao went out, and we told the driver to show us, what they also had on the island;-).
He suggested to go to a rock called Boca Pistol.
Its name is tempting, let's go ...;-)
In fact, it appeared to be just the rock. By the sea.
But look, how it shoots!!!
Some small wave is approaching it... and then BANG! And you see a lot of splashes. And splashes appear not every time. And now, in one direction, then, in another, then - in all at once...
After several minutes, everyone is wet and happy!
So, we liked it;-).
The taxi driver was happy :-) and took us to the next rock.
It also called somehow, but I do not remember. You can think of its name on your own :-).
The second rock is bigger in size, but it doesn't make the same impression as Boca Pistol...
And the area around looks like this...
This was the end of attractions and we went to the beach ;-).
There are also a lot of them. Almost like lizards.
But there were a lot of people on this day off. And all the coves are so little. But we wanted them for personal use...
So after spending about an hour of riding from beach to beach - we finally stopped at the most crowded one: -)... Because of the fact that there were different local drinks making your mood better, haricot of iguana, and soup of cacti in one local restaurant...
Here's local fauna.
This is yellow-breasted Bananaquit, also known as a sugar bird, it can be found everywhere, steals crumbs from tourists...;-)
In general, there are 168 species of birds on the island. For example, pink flamingo (we were promised to see them in large quantities;-)). 14 species are endemics of the Leeward Islands.
And here's what we drunk there...;-)
I tried to taste the local beer on every island!
On Curaçao, it was this beer Amstel - the only beer in the world, made of distilled water (in short, of "the former sea water" :-)).
The second, even more popular beer is Polar, from Venezuela.
And of course, we tasted their famous liqueur!!!
By the way, our taxi driver said that real liquor with natural ingredient was sold only on the island.

Then we went to look at flamingos.
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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