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Cyprus. Akamas Peninsula - Polis Town, Latchi Village, National Park

4 minutes read • May 7th, 2017


 you can find here the previous story about our trip to Cyprus.
Next day in the morning we went to the bus station to take the bus and go to Akamas peninsula, which is at the northwest extremity of Cyprus. We asked the guys from the restaurant in

Coral Bay

the timetable of the buses going that direction. These were really men of heart. They gladly helped us and provided with the information.
1trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPG2trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPGIn about 1 hour we arrived in the town of Polis. It's not a big town, although there plenty of gift shops and restaurants in the center. 
We took a walk towards the sea. We were hearing the sea and were trying to reach it. Then we passed by some villas and a big garden of orange trees. It was so tempting....So we failed to restrain our temper and picked an orange to try. It was divinely tasty!
3trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPG4trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPGIn few minutes walk, we reached the seashore. The sea was very heavy but charming...
5trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPGWe took a walk along the seaside and came to the local beach. There was a camping site near the beach.
Later we came back to the town center and took the bus to Latchi village. This is a village located in the area of Akamas Peninsula National Park. There we visited Aphrodite's Baths (it was a kind of a small pond in the forest; nothing special) and took a walk along Aphrodite's Trail. One needs to spend about 3 hours walking along this trail. We walked about half an hour and went back in order not to miss the bus to Polis town.

Walking that trail we encountered two moufflons on the hill. They were grassing peacefully unaffrighted by tourists walking around.
8trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPG9trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPG10trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPG11trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPGThe views are beautiful!
15trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPG16trip-to-cyprus-p2.JPGThere was also some camping site. It's so romantic :)

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