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Day-Time In Stockholm. P.1.

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • May 12th, 2016
Viking Line terminals are located very close to the city center, and there is also a stone's throw from the marina to the Scandic Malmen hotel, where we had booked our rooms. After leaving things in the hotel, we head to the city.
We had almost the whole day, so we chose such a program - from the hotel we went on foot along the Gotgatan street to the Old Town (Gammla Stan), from there we went across the bridge and then along the pedestrian Drottinggatan street to the north, then we came to the Royal Library, and from there along the shore we went back to the Old Town.
Gotgatan is one of the busiest streets of central


(White dome is the "

Globen Arena

", the main ice arena in Sweden, where the national hockey team plays and where many concerts are held)...
As in the case of Helsinki, we decided to begin our acquaintance with Stockholm from the observation deck, and it appeared to be right on our way:
"Katarinahissen" lifts the tourists at 38 meters above the coastline, offering a beautiful view of the city!
After standing at the top, we head to Gammla Stan ( "Old City") - the heart of


Here is one of the streets of the Old Town (it's very similar to the streets of Tallinn or Vilnius):
And this is the old water pump:
Here are more sketches of the Old Town:
During this walk we visited only a part of attractions of Gammla Stan, leaving the rest (Royal Palace, etc.) for the way back. We go across the bridge over Norrstrem - a rapid water stream, crossing the historic part of the city, the stream, through which the water from the lake called Riddarfjorden enters the sea bay. This canal separates the Old Town from the Norrmalm district located to the north - that is also an interesting part of Stockholm. And we are heading there.
Here we are on the northern border of the Old Town:
Riksdagshuset is one of the most beautiful buildings in Stockholm:
Further our path laid along the pedestrian street called Drottingaten (where we dined with an appetite at one of the cafes), and then we turned right to the building of the National Royal Library - the oldest one in the country, where a copy of every book published in Sweden has been brought from 1661. There are also unique books, dated from the year 1280 and even earlier...
Here is the Royal Library:
And its surroundings:
Here we are in one of the Lutheran churches of Stockholm:
And this is the Opera Theatre:
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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