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Delft, Netherlands

o_l_g_a_r_i • 3 minutes read • August 6th, 2016
I was not expecting anything special from the trip to


. However, I was pleasantly surprised!
I especially liked small towns and villages​.
1delft-netherlands.jpg2delft-netherlands.jpg3delft-netherlands.jpg4delft-netherlands.jpgThere’s a huge choice of the Belgian beer in any pub!
We liked the city of Delft most of all not just for its charming canals overgrown with water lilies and duckweed, but for the best pubs in the Netherlands, as we were said in one of the pubs!
5delft-netherlands.jpgDelft is a quite cute-looking city.
Besides, it’s not a touristic city. During our stay, there were almost exclusively students (a university city), who celebrated the beginning of a new academic year. And there was a lot of fun). Despite we lived in the outskirts, everything was in proximity, and there was a good bus connection, so we stayed in the city until late night (as in old time, when we were students as well))).
Here are some views of the city.
6delft-netherlands.jpg7delft-netherlands.jpg8delft-netherlands.jpg9delft-netherlands.jpg10delft-netherlands.jpg11delft-netherlands.jpg12delft-netherlands.jpg13delft-netherlands.jpgThe canals overgrown with duckweed are especially good...
14delft-netherlands.jpg15delft-netherlands.jpg16delft-netherlands.jpg17delft-netherlands.jpg18delft-netherlands.jpg19delft-netherlands.jpg20delft-netherlands.jpg21delft-netherlands.jpg22delft-netherlands.jpg23delft-netherlands.jpg24delft-netherlands.jpg25delft-netherlands.jpg26delft-netherlands.jpg27delft-netherlands.jpg28delft-netherlands.jpg29delft-netherlands.jpg30delft-netherlands.jpg31delft-netherlands.jpg32delft-netherlands.jpg33delft-netherlands.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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