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Denali National Park

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 3 minutes read • June 26th, 2016
The bus driver told us that three days ago, in her last shift, everything was green there. And that the next day the leaves will fall down and everything will be quite different.
We were lucky to get in 

Denali National Park 

during the peak of the golden fall which lasts only a few days there.
1denali-nationalpark.jpgGoing from to 


from Fairbanks, we left the cars in the parking lot and got on the last bus.
And the next day we spent in Denali. The first bus goes at 6:15 am.
The park represents a huge area of wildlife where tourists may walk on foot, bike or take a special bus. The driver makes a stop when he sees an animal or tourists ask for a photo-stop. There are also several equipped stops. The largest bus route lasts 11 hours. The fare is $47.

2denali-nationalpark.jpgLet's go around the park!

3denali-nationalpark.jpg4denali-nationalpark.jpg5denali-nationalpark.jpg6denali-nationalpark.jpgThe driver has a trained eye and binoculars so he won’t miss anything.
7denali-nationalpark.jpg8denali-nationalpark.jpgIt is easy to spot a bear (there are 300-350 animal species in the park) if you have good optics.
9denali-nationalpark.jpgIf you're lucky and the paths of the animal and your bus cross, then you have to be quick to take photos.
10denali-nationalpark.jpgHere’s a photo of his muzzle!
11denali-nationalpark.jpg12denali-nationalpark.jpg13denali-nationalpark.jpg14denali-nationalpark.jpg15denali-nationalpark.jpg16denali-nationalpark.jpg17denali-nationalpark.jpg18denali-nationalpark.jpg19denali-nationalpark.jpgAuthor: Ehlzhbeta Chegarova
Translated by: Zoozi

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