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Denali National Park. Acquaintance Of The "Pearl Of Alaska"

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • May 5th, 2016

Denali National Park

is one of the main places of interest in 


2alaska-pearl.jpgThe biosphere reserve was established in 1917 in the heart of Alaska with an area of 9 square miles (​​25 thousand square kilometers). The main landmark of the park is the Denali Mountain (formerly known as Mount McKinley), which is a part of the Alaskan Range system. Its snowy peaks are visible from several areas in the national park. Denali means "great".
There is a combination of sub-Arctic and continental climates in the national park. When North America was connected with Asia, a land bridge was used instead of the Bering Strait, in order to exchange plant and animal species. The southern and northern slopes of the Alaska Range are covered with pine forests. There are also deciduous trees, such as a birch, poplar, and alder. In the open spaces heather, sedges, grasses, mosses and lichens grow.
There are 39 species of mammals in the park. Denali is well known for a large population of grizzly and black bear. Moose are widespread as well as caribou reindeers, sheep, wolves, squirrels, foxes and beavers. The only representative of amphibians of Denali in Alaska is a small tree frog about 6 cm long. Its liver produces glucose, preventing its cells from freezing during winter. 
Denali National Park is famous for the animals that can be seen all over the park. More than a million tourists visit the park annually. In summer the fenland of the park is covered with flowers and in September it glows with gold, red and orange colors of autumn. Only one road that runs along the open tundra, marshy lowlands, leads into the center of the park and ends at Wonder Lake. 
3alaska-pearl.jpg4alaska-pearl.jpgEmployees of the reserve have lived here since 1917 until the early 50s. Now it is one of the most visited places in the national park.
5alaska-pearl.jpgOne of the guides:

8alaska-pearl.jpg9alaska-pearl.jpgInside the lodge:
10alaska-pearl.jpg11alaska-pearl.jpgThe nails on the shutters serve as proven remedy for curious bears.
12alaska-pearl.jpg13alaska-pearl.jpg14alaska-pearl.jpg15alaska-pearl.jpgCaribou by the river.
17alaska-pearl.jpg18alaska-pearl.jpg19alaska-pearl.jpgA nearby observation deck allows visitors to observe the caribou and other animals on the mountain slopes.
20alaska-pearl.jpg21alaska-pearl.jpg22alaska-pearl.jpg23alaska-pearl.jpg24alaska-pearl.jpgA modern representative of the Athabascians (one of the indigenous peoples of Alaska) wearing the national dress talks to the tourists.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Zoozi

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