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Digby Island

History and museums, Natural sights
nature, landmarks

Digby Island is a small island immediately west of Kaien Island, which is the location of the city of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The island is home to the Prince Rupert Airport and the small community of Dodge Cove. The island is named for Henry A. Digby, an officer on HMS Malacca.

Prior to European colonization, the island was occupied by the Tsimshian for thousands of years. The Tsimshian trickster, Txamsem, was believed to have been born on the island in the village of Kanagatsiyot, at the current site of Dodge Cove.

Frederick Point at 54°15′19″N 130°21′49″W was one of coastal defences of the West Coast of Canada during World War II, along with other sites around Prince Rupert. Another such defence installation was at Dundas Point on the northeast side of the island at 54°19′21″N 130°24′54″W.

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