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Disney Dream. P.4.

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 7 minutes read • September 29th, 2015
A few pictures of the dinner served onboard the 

Disney Dream


For Halloween, spider shaped cakes were served:

Guests that take 

Disney cruises

 have the chance to dress up as their favorite Disney character for the costume party. The whole family brings costumes.

Photo sessions are organized in the main lobby, where the female crew member, dresses as Disney princesses (Snow White, Cinderella and other) invite the children to take photos. Both kids and parents love it and the photographers work all day. I am sure that many of the children happily fell asleep in their costumes after such a long and beautiful day.

A separate event that takes place on every Disney Cruise is the Pirate Party, which ends with a grand fireworks display, shot from two funnels onboard the ship:

Of course, costumes and other clothing items can be bought in shops onboard.

Disney cruise liners

also dock at Disney's private island - heavenly Castaway.

Take swimming goggles with you here. Under the water there is a Mickey Mouse monument and a sunken pirate ship.

The Disney cruise liner and island are beautiful, everyone loved it!

As far as the Internet goes onboard the Disney cruise liners:
- inside the cabin, 50M is given as a gift on the first day of the cruise
- $0.25 per MB 
- $0.19 per MB in 100 MB 19 USD package 
- $0.13 per MB in 300 MB 39 USD package  
- $0.09 per MB in 1000 MB 89 USD package 

My free 50 MB was used up after loading about 10 pictures. I later bought the maximum, 1000 MB package, since it can be used up so quickly.
After turning off Google drive and other applications that sync with the cloud, the internet speed became faster: 
In general it is a little expensive.

When it comes to online registration, I had to resort seeking out the help of an agent to register and receive my boarding pass.  Any attempt to register myself led to a new page where Goofy was talking for a long time. However, this was done using the ship's Internet, it was not possible to wait for the page to load. 
If you try it yourself and see Goofy, don't worry, you just have to wait till he finishes talking and everything will be OK.

The service onboard was outstanding. A little strange to hear since it should be customary to receive great service!  

Our steward made sure to clean and organize our cabin everyday, neatly grouping charging cords and wires and stacking scattered pieces of paper.  The same attention was given to the bathroom; towels were folded and hung, and our toiletries were neatly placed.

This aspect of the trip was a wonderful surprise! I have never encountered this service on other liners. I  thought that stewards were not allowed to touch personal items.
However, the ship is centered around the children. On the children's ship, the staff always keep the area clean; pencils are put back in the box, sheets of paper are collected, etc.

Moreover, there are even magic tricks performed by the waiters in the restaurants.

The celebrations begin as soon as visitors step onboard. 
Upon entering the main lobby, passengers are immediately met by several female crew members in white uniforms who ask your name. This was another surprise since our cards are scanned earlier. However this is so that they can announce families as they enter the lobby, welcomed by applause. Another great service aspect of the ship.

Restaurants: there are three different restaurants onboard the liner and tickets bought at registration determine a specific table number, dinner time and restaurant. 
They are all wonderfully decorated, with Disney's signature style in every aspect including the waiters' uniforms and napkins. 
One downside is that there are no tables for two. I thought our waiters would be overwhelmed with the number of tables. Making sure we received our bottle of wine was just an extra duty, so it is difficult to imagine how they would manage if alcohol was ordered by more passengers.

Food: This is not a gastronomic paradise. While there is plenty of different types of food, the ship does not serve steaks (something they will never do) or lamb, given that the ship take the same routes all year long. In general, the cuisine is not WOW.

Free lemonade is offered in five flavors, as well as other juices, chips, burgers etc, all found in the dining room. Delicious ice cream is served after lunch; chocolate with nuts and marshmallows. Vending machines near the pool also offer soft serve ice cream and drinks all day.  

The kitchen is not outstanding. Performances are geared towards the children. Adults have two options in the program: SPA and taste-testing whiskey, brandy, etc. Whirlpools are good only in the early morning; in the afternoon they are full of parents with their children.
There are bars and discos, but they are empty since there is not much a nightlife on the ship. Meeting with friends proves difficult, especially for passengers without children given that everyone is drawn to different interests.
The cost is also great, of course, given the large crew and lifeguards needed to maintain entertainment and safety. 
In general, the liner is excellent for kids, new, gorgeous, brilliant and interactive with the latest developments in technology,caring and loving. 

Disney Dream is a great choice for families. There is magic everywhere and the activities onboard are sure to keep children of all ages interested! 

Additional information:
Cruise length: 4 days
Cost of a cabin with balcony for two:  $1,140 
Source: prosto-gost.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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