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Disney World, Where Dreams Come True

wwworld • 7 minutes read • December 3rd, 2016
I want to show you how my family and I spent one day in the magical world of Disney, which is located not far from 


in central Florida, USA.
Once we decided to spend our Christmas and New Year's in Florida as we love warm places. And, of course, we wanted to show our children 

Disney World

Disney World includes four parks: 

Magic Kingdom

, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios. For seven days, we went around the first three parks.

In this review, I'm going to talk about our visit to Disney's main theme park - Magic Kingdom.
To start with, I want to tell you about a system of visiting and line for the rides in the parks. By purchasing a ticket, you get a card that gives access to the park for a certain number of days. It is not necessary to visit the parks one by one. You can take breaks. The ticket is valid for 14 days from the first use of the day that your ticket was initially purchased. 
Magic Kingdom is divided into 6 main zones, where there are a lot of rides designed for people of various age and heights. During the holiday season, when there were crowds of people in the parks, visitors could stand in line for up to 40 minutes for less popular ride and up to 2 hours for the most popular rides.
Anyway, those who have a ticket can choose three popular amusements and take their Fastpasses. A fastpass gives you the right to bypass lines at the attraction in the specified time interval. Typically, this is a one-hour interval. Fastpasses are given for free at the "Fastpass kiosks" in the park, or you can download the Disney app on your phone or tablet, register the ticket and order a Fastpass.
Within that application, you can view the current status of the line for all the attractions in Disney's Theme Parks.
1disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgAt the entrance to the park, there were informative signs along the road, so that you could not get lost in the surrounding attractions.  
2disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgThe entrance to the parking lot was $17 (as of 2015) per car per day. Parking bills allows anyone to freely leave and enter the territory of any parking lot of all the theme parks within a day. Magic Kingdom is the most popular park, and to get from the parking lot to the park itself, you must first go by tram to the entrance to the park...
3disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgYou can buy tickets to Disneyworld  in advance, or directly at the ticket office near the park. However, then you will have to stand in a small line.
4disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgBut that is not the entrance to Magic Kingdom. It can be reached in three ways: by bus, monorail or ferry. We chose the latter method - it is the most picturesque.
5disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg6disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgBefore entering the park, all the visitors' bags were scanned, apparently for fear of a terrorist attack. Then we had to scan our ticket at the entrance. Kids just have to place a ticket next to the scanner, but adults also needed to scan their fingerprints. It was done to avoid transmission of tickets to third persons.
7disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg8disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgWe went directly to the railroad that goes around the park. We were headed to Fantasyland, where many interesting rides were concentrated, and it was almost at the opposite end of the park.
I noticed that many elderly people worked in the park.
9disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg10disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgWe passed by a popular amusement ride - Thunder Mountain Railroad.
11disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg12disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgWe had a nice ride, even though it only lasted a minute and a half and we had to wait in line for about 20 minutes.  
13disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg"Journey of the Little Mermaid" was the next amusement ride.
14disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgPeople took their seats in shells, ready to go to the underwater world.
15disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg16disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgAfter the previous amusement ride, we passed by a new attraction: you can ride on gnome trolleys, the characters of the fairy tale about Snow White. However, one had to stand in line for about 120 minutes. We decided to skip that ride.  
17disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgWe took a ride in teacups.
18disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgThen we raced in "Formula-1" in Tomorrow land – another part of the Magic Kingdom Theme Park.
19disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgAfter a short break for lunch, we went to People Mover. This is a train that runs over Tomorrow land, to get to various other pavilions.
20disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgWe used another Fastpass in Tomorrow land. The essence of the amusement was to fly in a spaceship and shoot aliens with a laser gun.
21disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgAs we headed to Adventure land, we passed by the main castle of the park - the castle of Cinderella. There was a show taking place. 
22disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgThe waiting time had increased by midday.
23disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgThis is a Parrot Music Show:
24disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgThen we passed by Splash Mountain, a water ride, through the river, by ferry, to the island of Tom Sawyer.
25disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg26disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg27disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg28disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgFor 51 cents (as of 2015), you can get a souvenir coin.
29disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgFinally, we used our last Fastpass for the day to meet Belle. However, even with the Fastpass we had to wait in line for about 25 minutes. Both children took an active part in the small show.
30disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgThen we walked toward the exit.
31disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgWe got to the parking lot by monorail.
32disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgWe had dinner.
33disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgIn the evening, we came back to Disneyworld to see the fireworks.
34disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgThere were crowds of people.
35disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgCinderella's castle was illuminated and iridescent.
36disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg37disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg38disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg39disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg40disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgThere was an Electric Light Show after the fireworks.
41disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg42disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg43disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg44disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg45disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpgIn the end, we used another Fastpass to get to the Jungle Cruise:
46disney-world-where-dreams-come-true.jpg Author:  wwworld
Source:  wwworld.livejournal.com
Translated by:

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