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Disney's Hollywood Studios Park

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 7 minutes read • October 16th, 2015
We had a few free days in Florida before the cruise, so we finally decided to stop in 


. There were several parks, united by a common vision of 'Disneyland', after reading the reviews online and in the travel guide, we chose to visit 



Disney Hollywood Studios


It turned out that the park is not part MGM, but general for all studios in Hollywood. Also, the information in the guide book about the daily parades through the streets of the park was outdated; they had been canceled for the last three years. Oh, and I was hoping to take some pictures!

The entrance to the park costs $100, there are no discounts for a half-day. It begins on Hollywood Boulevard, where some Disney Hollywood Studios employees are dressed like police or reporters.

From a distance, Mickey's hat from 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' movie is visible  - it is a huge tent where there is a great Movie Ride attraction:

But we would return there, we decided to turn immediately onto Sunset Boulevard, and run as fast as we could to the most interesting attraction in the Park. Buildings on Sunset Boulevard, painted in pink hues, reminded of the famous street in Hollywood in 1940s.

'At the end of the Boulevard stands a dilapidated and damaged by lightning strikes Hollywood Tower Hotel, which is the site of the most terrible attraction in Orlando' - we read in the guide books and went to look for 'The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror'.
From the windows we could hear heartbreaking cries:

We trembled, but decided not to retreat. The ride started in the library, to which we were invited in by a melancholy bell.

Next, we were shown a film from the 1950s, where guests get stuck in the service elevator. The screen went black and we were invited in a dark boiler room of the hotel, to the elevator. It is known that it will fall from the 13th floor, so for those who change their mind, there is an additional elevator back to the lobby of the attraction.

We read that originally, only one drop was planned, but now this miracle of technology falls seven times. The machine pulls the elevator faster than if it was in free fall. Emotions are inexpressible for thrill-seekers!

Next is another thrilling attraction 'Rock'n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith' – in total darkness, for 2.8 seconds, the car speeds up to 59 mph (96 km/h) in the first spiral, and there are several spirals more! 
My family liked it, if there hadn't been such a long line, they would have gone again.

We all enjoyed the 'Star Tours' ride, based on the plots of the film 'Star Wars'. We were given stereo-glasses and seated in a spacecraft or flight simulator like the ones used to train astronauts. The participants had a real feeling of flight through space and among meteorites because the images on the screen were synchronized with the motion of the ride.
I recommend it!

Visited the playground of 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids', where the grass reached a height of 29 feet (9 meters) – great for young children.

In a distant part of the Disney Hollywood Studios are interesting stage scene of the streets of America, and the facades of the buildings are backed with bars.

One big problem about which I want to warn anyone planning to visit the parks of Orlando – please note that immediately after arriving at the Park, or even in advance, you need to make dinner reservations. Without a prior reservation, getting into any of the park's restaurants is impossible!
We then managed to get lunch. We had burgers since there was nothing left and sat in the van of the Studios Backlot Tour.
Quite weak compared to the Universal Park in Los Angeles' local attraction 'Tour Behind the Scenes of Film Studios'. The most memorable moment of this tour took place in the Canyon of Disasters.

Finally, we got to Mickey's hat. We purposely left the calmer rides for later, when our legs could no longer move and we didn't have the strength for many more, new shocks. As in the previous one, we sat on a train, which slowly carried us past the realistic scenery from different movies. Music, live scenes, and the special effects made the ride even more satisfying.

In the evening, we succumbed to the provocation of the guidebook that warned that we will not forgive ourselves if we'll skip a fantastic showiness performance 'Fantasmic!'. 
The book did not deceive us, there was a two hour line before the show and in the first 30 minutes, the 10,000 seat theater was already filled.
However, we were too jaded by the other impressions of the park that we became cynics. We didn't experience any particular delight at the show. Of course, the show can easily be skipped, if there is something to do at night after a long day.

That's the most powerful moment of the show, when the stands were jubilant - Mickey Mouse, the main and beloved Disney character, kills a fierce dragon with an accurate shot:

People stayed in the park  late, but we went to rest. Half a day was enough for the Disney Hollywood Studios Park, the next day we decided to go to the Epcot Park.
Goodbye, mice!
Author: prosto_gost
Source: prosto-gost.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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