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Dog's Life In The City Of Kisses

Sergey Dolya • 6 minutes read • March 21st, 2016


is the capital of Chile. The first thing that catches the eye on the streets is the number of the stray dogs. Perhaps there is one dog per every 10 passers-by. The second thing is the number of lovers. Santiago is the most romantic city on earth. For 2 days I'd met at least 20 passionately kissing couples on the streets and in parks. And the third is boiled condensed milk which is called here dulce de leche. There is no dessert in South America without it....
Early in the morning we arrived in


- small port town in 100 kilometers from Santiago. It covered the hills and was very similar to the Brazilian favelas:

Chile is famous for its wine. Vineyards are everywhere. But much more attention is attracted by winemakers' villas.
More than 5 million people live in the capital. This is the third part of the population of the whole country. The city is surrounded by the Andes and it is stuffy here in the afternoon because the wind can not blow out the exhaust gases from the valley.
Plaza de Armas square hid in the heart of the city: 

The largest cathedral in Chile -

Metropolitan Cathedral

- is situated here. By the way, it is called in the same way as the main Cathedral of Buenos Aires:

Also here, in the shadow of a large gazebo, chess lovers meet at the afternoon:

Many streets around the square are pedestrian:

The most popular drink here is Mote Con Huesillo. Plastic cup is filled with wheat and then with a cold compote with dried fruit. Very refreshing drink:

Barricaded magazines sellers:

Rains are very rare here. There is practically no dirt and dust in the streets. However, you'll meet mobile shoe shiners on every corner. Local population seems to have a fad about the cleanness of their shoes.
I was very pleased with the tariffs in public toilets. I wonder why the children were identified in a separate menu item if the price is the same:

My smile was evoked by the fact that even here notaries are not from the locals:

I really enjoyed the local subway - very clean and neat:

Chile is the most civilized and developed country in South America. Its prosperity began with coming of Pinochet. He 'took the throne' in 1973 with the help of the CIA that were tired of his predecessor, Salvador Allende. To help Pinochet they sent 'Chicago boys' who wrote and realized a new economic policy which gave good results.
As happens with many dictators, Pinochet became conceited and decided that the people will elect him in democratic elections. However, people were dissatisfied with the complete violation of 'human rights' and chose another president. Pinochet took up a post of commander of the army.
In 1998 Pinochet got sick and came in London for treatment, where he was immediately arrested and tried to judge. After long ascertainments of facts he was released to Chile, where court examinations began again. And this time Pinochet managed to justify. A year after winning the last court in 2006 Pinochet died of a heart attack ...
Now it is ruled by a woman who performs her duties quiet good. She works in the former Mint:

Also, as in other Chilean cities, there are many outdoor sculptures and monuments:

Sometimes, in addition to police officers monuments are also guarded by the stray dogs. As I've already written there are plenty of dogs:

If the number of kissing couples on the streets is taken as indicator of romanticism, Santiago is the most romantic city in the world:


For the first time, 'it' shocked me in Buenos Aires. It continued in Montevideo and finally killed in Chile. Entire South America eat boiled condensed milk. It is the most important dessert here. It can be found in candies, cookies, ice cream and you can even eat empanadas with it! Whole shelves in the stores are devoted to it:

In the evening we went to a local restaurant with a show program. Together with a baby we ordered a meat dish for two. As in Uruguay, we were brought a saucepan with 6 thick pieces of meat. Is it possible that one person can eat 3 such pieces for the evening:

Show program consisted of obscure dance with elements of striptease:
Author: Sergeydolya
    Translated by: Gian Luka

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