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Dora 2

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Dora 2 is an unfinished German military submarine base and bunker in Trondheim, Norway, next to DORA 1. Construction on Dora 2 was undertaken during the Second World War, but the complex was never finished.


The German civil and military engineering group, Organisation Todt, started constructing the facility as a submarine base after finishing DORA 1 in 1943. The Dora constructions were one of Organisation Todt’s first projects in Norway, but Dora 2 was only half finished by the time the Germans abandoned Norway towards the end of the war. The walls are of concrete, almost 3 meters thick.

There have been several unsuccessful attempts to demolish Dora 2, which is currently temporarily preserved.

Current use

Today Dora 2 is used as a warehouse and garage for boats and cars by companies such as Trondheim Verft AS and Skipsmaling AS.


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