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Dubai. The UAE. P.1

Gian Luka • 7 minutes read • May 4th, 2017
Dear friends, I’d like to tell you about a famous metropolis – about


Have you ever imagined a mix of New York and Shanghai in the desert? Do you believe that it is possible to build an island in the ocean? Do you know that it does not matter for the ski resort what the weather outside is? It is Dubai: a city of big money, great opportunities, and of complete dissonance.

At first, I’d like to tell you the history of the city and show several photos. Let's get started.
The city of Dubai was founded in 1833. It is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates with a population of 2.2 million people and an area of 1114 square kilometers. According to historians, this area was the mangroves (!) 7 thousand years ago. Here’s a picture as an example. :)

About 5.5 thousand years ago, this area became covered with sand because of changes in the coastline. ‘Wow, great changes!’ the crocodiles thought. :)

The first settlements appeared on this territory about 3 thousand years BC. The nomads inhabited this territory. We should note that the number of families wandering around the UAE is quite large even now. Pearl fishing and fishing was the main "business" in this area. Islam spread in this territory about the 7th century AD.
The first official mentioning about the city dates from 1799. Al Fahidi Fort was built at the same time. The city was subordinate to Abu Dhabi.

In 1833, the city received its independence. In fact, the city became the center of trade in this territory, and the export of pearls was the primary revenue side. However, the government had to look for new ways of developing the economy after the invention of artificial pearls in 1929. The ruler of those times, Sheikh Said, who is wildly venerated in Dubai, decided to turn the city into a re-export center of the Persian Gulf. He attracted many foreign traders thanks to lowering the tax rates.

An interesting fact: in 1947, a war arose between Dubai and Abu Dhabi because of the border dispute. It was ended with the assistance of Britain. In fact, the conflict was ended in 1979.
Electricity, telephone, and an airport appeared in the city in 1950. The discovery of oil in 1966 was a key aspect in the development of the city. As a result, investments, foreign companies rushed into the city. Until 1975, the city's population grew by 300%.
You can see Dubai in the 1960s in this picture.

In 1971, Dubai with Abu Dhabi and five emirates formed the United Arab Emirates. In the same year, Britain left the Persian Gulf region.
In our time, thanks to the rise in oil prices and the proper policy of the Dubai authorities, the city has turned not only into a huge modern business center but also into a tourist center. By the way, the Dubai authorities are planning to develop tourism and have already achieved success in it: tourism stole leadership of oil export in the revenue side of the GDP. Well, let's move on to modern Dubai and tourism.
It is the highway to Dubai from the Emirate of Fujairah. As you can see, it’s a complete desert. The fence along the road is built for camels. They are very appreciated in the UAE. Therefore they are protected from the road.

As we were told, the camels are fearless. They calmly jump out onto the road in front of the drivers. Camels are ‘sacred’ in the UAE, so the driver who kills the camel will be forced to pay the camels’ owner the cost of the animal.

By the way, camels are expensive in the UAE and each of them has the owner, regardless of which dune the animal walks along.

Prices in Dubai are quite high. However, everyone can find an offer for himself. We decided to stay in a new district called

Dubai Marina

. This district is relatively new. It was founded as a small town. The main idea is a new waterfront, new prestigious residential complexes, shopping centers, and restaurants.

This residential area has the incredible waterfront with many restaurants. Although the construction of buildings was completed not everywhere at that moment, so there was dust sometimes.

Here are several photos from the coastal area of Dubai Marina. Pools of the hotels.

Inside the hotels.

Buildings of Dubai Marina.

Let's watch a video of Vsevolod Berdin to understand the size and scope of Dubai Marina:

It's hard to advise where to go or what to see. Dubai has a lot of such places, and it’s impossible to visit all of them for one trip. Mina a Salam hotel is one of the must-see places. Unlike the famous Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in the shape of a sail, everyone can get in this hotel for free.

As for the Mina a Salam hotel, it is included in one complex with Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It is an example of the Sheikh's palace.

You can see Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in the background.

We should note that they pay great attention to décor in the UAE, just like in Universal Studios and Disney World. Just look at these lamps.

A moat surrounds the hotel. Boats are floating along it.

An eight-pointed star decorates the hotel's entrance.

It is a port inside the hotel.

The hotel is a whole complex with a shopping center, a gold bazaar, restaurants, and the hotel itself.
Here’s the arched entrance.

Let's continue our tour of Dubai (

Dubai. The UAE. P.2

Author: Gian Luka
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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