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Educational Story About New York in Pictures. P.1.

Sergey Dolya • 6 minutes read • October 10th, 2015

Walking around

New York

, I felt that I had already been here. I had seen its streets and buildings many times. I was not surprised with police and yellow cab. The

Statue of Liberty

'habitually' looked into the distance. New York is the most 'shot' city in the world. Half of Hollywood films take place here...
I spent 2 nights in New York. My hotel was situated on Broadway, right on

Times Square

and, despite the difference in time, I went out on a night walk around the hotel. At 9 p.m. Broadway was like an anthill, swarming with people. Somebody was in a hurry, someone was walking and someone just stood there with the widely opened mouth and stared. Everything was exactly the way I thought it would be. With one exception. Periodically my sense of smell made me to hold my nose, because keen and nasty smell hit it. The same as in cheap parts of Hong Kong or Alexandria. But I never expected to feel it here, in civilized New York, in its heart, on Times Square. However, I want to begin your acquaintance with the Manhattan from a little bit of its history and geography.
In the distant ancient times, this island, situated at the mouth of the Hudson river, was inhabited by the Delaware Indians. In 1626 this land was purchased by the Dutch who built here the city of New Amsterdam. Manhattan cost them $24! Now the same land is estimated at $50 billion. Hmm, not a bad investment.
The island is elongated and built-up in square-cluster method. Long Avenue (there are 12 of them) stretch from top downward, and it is crossed by a huge number of streets (110 of them). On the background of growing up skyscrapers they look quite narrow (2 lanes in each direction). Across the whole island is the diagonally located Broadway - main and the longest street of America. It begins in the South, near Wall Street, and ends near the Canadian border!
Heart of Manhattan is a small extension of Broadway called Times Square. This Square is known for the huge amount of advertising. It is often shown in films. Here are the major Broadway Theaters and Television Studios like MTV, NBC, ABC and many others:

It is so small that from above that it is impossible to distinguish it among the skyscrapers:

The Square attracts not only with advertising, but also with extravagant actors, ready to take a picture with you for $5:

Talking about Manhattan, it's impossible not to talk about skyscrapers. If you think that New York is all in skyscrapers, then you are mistaken. They hang out in 2 districts: Times Square and Wall Street, that is in the middle of the island and on its southern tip. Here is the view of the southern group of skyscrapers. To the right the Statue of Liberty is seen:

Here are they from the side of the ocean:

And this is the view of the North of the island, the biggest part of which is the famous 'Central Park'. By the way, in terms of area it is larger than the Principality of Monaco! But I will tell about it a little below:

Many of the buildings are known to us from the films. But the most famous and eye-catching are Empire State Building (King Kong), Chrysler Building (The Godzilla) and Rockefeller Center (just before it famous Christmas tree and ice skating rink are put before Christmas). You can get on their roofs and photograph the panorama of the city. 
Chrysler Building:

Rockfeller building:

The highest building in New York - Empire State Building. Its roof is very popular among tourists. To get there you need to stand in a long queue. It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes. On three different elevators I got under the spire of the 102 floor:

Previously the tallest buildings were the twin towers destroyed on 11 September 2001 after the air attack of the terrorists. 
Nearby, on the southern tip of the island, there is well known Wall Street - financial center of the world. New York Stock Exchange is situated here:

Another symbol of Wall Street is a sculpture of the bull. It is very popular among tourists and it is very difficult to get to it:

Moreover, people take pictures with the bull from all sides. Judging by the polished parts of its carcass, poses are basically the same:

Nearby in the park stock traders have their snack:

Wall Street rests on the Trinity Church. If you watched 'National Treasure' with Nicholas Cage, then you will recognize it. Just in the basement of this Church great treasures were found:

To be continued.
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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