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Educational Story About New York in Pictures. P.2.

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • October 10th, 2015
So we got to the southern point of the island and found ourselves in the

Battery Park


Ferries to the

Statue of Liberty

departure from here. The ferry runs about 15 minutes, but to get aboard, you need to stand in a queue for tickets, queue for examination of the things and then a queue to board the boat. In total this all tooks about 2 hours and is terribly exhausting:

Already on the ship all begin to shoot the upcoming statue:

After landing on the island I quickly took a photo - one of those 'I was here' and got in queue to board the ship back.
If the southern part of the island is populous and bustling, the northern one is calm and measured. Everything here whirls around the Central Park. Here are the most expensive apartments and lives a lot of famous people - Harrison Ford, Robert Redford, Bruce Willis, the mayor of

New York

. Penthouse with views of Central Park will cost you 2 million dollars per room. Flats may have from 5 to 35 rooms...
On the roof of this house located on the outskirts of the Park, in the tower famous 'Ghostbusters' were shot:

And near this entrance John Lennon was shot:

Everything here is full of history and celebrities.
Around the Park are the most expensive hotels. Each of them tries to outdo the other. For example, each room at this Ritz-Carlton has the telescope, for observing the wildlife of Central Park and the neighbors in nearby houses:

Geographical center of Manhattan is located next to this hotel and it looks like this:

In New York expansive are not only apartments, but also the parking places:

Many inhabitants of the Manhattan never had and never will have their own car. They never ate at McDonald's Drive Thru. To get around the city they use yellow cabs, flooding all avenues and streets:

Inside the driver is separated from passengers by a thick plastic. All taxis are equipped with 'touchscreens' where you can watch your movement on the map and different TV channels:

Besides taxis in the city attention is attracted by police cars:

They very funny stand in a 'queue for call' in the center of the city, as well as taxi:

While they are waiting for their turn to answer the call of controller, they all chew donuts and drink coffee. Generally Americans are the 'snacking nation'. So-called snacks can be bought at every corner. They chew everywhere: in the subway, in taxis, while walking and even hurrying on a call. Please note that ambulance. It ran hell-for-leather with sirens and lights, and the passenger at that time was calmly eating his burger:

The next day we flew to Orlando, Florida, and loaded on our cruise ship. 
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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