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Egilsstadir, Mjoifjordur. Iceland

Nefer • 3 minutes read • September 8th, 2016
Coming back from a horse ride trip, we saw a wonderful view. It was cloudless and sunny above the lake, but there was a gloomy black cloud above mountains! What a weird Icelandic weather :)
1egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpgWe stopped in


, which is the largest town in the eastern part of the country. The population is about 2,200 people (as of 2013). There’s a college, library, archive, two supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. In fact, everything is in one place, so you won’t walk a lot.
2egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpgBesides, there are few banks and even a hotel :)
3egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpgHere are alcohol shop Vinbudin and two cafes. We were in Salt. We tried a very delicious pizza there.
4egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpgThen we went through the pass to Mjoifjordur. The fjord is very beautiful.
5egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg6egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg7egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg8egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpgIn fact, it was very windy and cold. But the location is worth it. It’s beautiful there!
10egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpgThose three white points behind the house is a waterfall.
11egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg12egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg13egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg14egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg15egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg16egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg17egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpgDirt roads are very twisting with unpredictable twist and turns.
18egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpg19egilsstadir-mjoifjordur-iceland.jpgAuthor: Nefer
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