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Eldey Island, Iceland

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • December 24th, 2016
We went from 

Grindavik town


Blue Lagoon

geothermal spa (3.5 km).
After we came, it had been found that there's no place. We could only come at 8 pm.
It is impossible to buy tickets on the spot, only on the website. There are no terminal units, no cash decks.
(Here you can find a review about Blue Lagoon).
1eldey-island-iceland.jpgSo we drove further in order not to waste our time.
2eldey-island-iceland.jpg3eldey-island-iceland.jpgWe came to Reykjanesviti lighthouse.
4eldey-island-iceland.jpgThere were beautiful rocks nearby.
5eldey-island-iceland.jpgIt was very windy there.

Eldey island

Usually, gannets are nestling there.
7eldey-island-iceland.jpg8eldey-island-iceland.jpg9eldey-island-iceland.jpg10eldey-island-iceland.jpg11eldey-island-iceland.jpg12eldey-island-iceland.jpg13eldey-island-iceland.jpgThis is a monument to the auk. A man has completely killed off these birds by the mid-19th century and put a monument...
14eldey-island-iceland.jpg15eldey-island-iceland.jpg Author: Capi4ca
Source: capi4ca.livejournal.com
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