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Enchanted Forest And Paradise Beach Of The Seychelles

Sergey Dolya • 7 minutes read • April 13th, 2016
The Praslin Island is familiar from the Bounty ad in the 90s. It is on this island’s beach the famous clip about "paradise delight" was filmed. If you remember that story had a moment of a falling and breaking coconut. Last summer one of the foreign celebrities was on holiday there, and a falling coconut nearly killed her. It’s not funny by the way because people get injured and killed in the 


in a similar way every once in a while. Actually, it is not about the usual coconut, but about a local endemic, the Seychelles coconut palm tree.
Unlike many other species of palms, the Seychelles tree is diclinous. Female tree fruits reproduce a female pelvis shape, and male tree fruits reproduce a male reproductive organ. The girth of the female nut reaches almost a meter height, and a weight of over 55 lbs (25 kg). Such coconuts are the most dangerous. 
There is a ferry from the main island to Praslin. In ancient times, when the island served as a haven for pirates, the most high-speed ships traveled from one island to another for three days. Today the journey takes about one hour. I remembered it to interpret the following phrase "pirates gave chase." In fact, they could be approaching for a week at a snail's pace or even stand facing each other until the calm sea is over:
This is the island’s bay:
There are many hotels on the island, where it is quieter than on the 


island, and many tourists prefer to stay there rather than on the main island of the Seychelles:
The island has an enchanted forest where only indecent palms grow. There’s a charge for admission, people have to walk on special paths. Our walk took an hour, but you can make your own three-hour route:
Tracks are natural, without any paving:
Roots of this unusual palm do not spring from the ground, but high above it:
If you look closely, you can see that there is no stem at all under the roots, it looks like a palm tree stretched over the ground:
However, it stands sufficiently solid and steady:
This is a female tree of the Sea palm with emerging fruits:
The outlines can be already distinguished:
In the center of the photo, one can see a rare species with fruits grown together. It is interesting to see the result, but it takes 7 - 10 years for the large fruit to ripen:
They tried to transplant the palms, but only four trees survived on the neighboring island and unfortunately poorly. Doesn't it really look like a woman?
The shell is for demonstration to tourists. It is prohibited to eat and export coconuts from the island and you can go to prison for that, you can only buy a souvenir empty coconut without content. The actual coconuts are sold for big money to the Chinese, who love the exotica, and certainly believe in its healing qualities. I bought one of those souvenir coconuts for 250 euros. Probably, it is the most expensive souvenir I've bought:
And this is, as you may have already guessed, a fruit of the male tree. The "sausage" has small flowers that fertilize female palms. Male inflorescences reach a size of 6.5 feet (2 meters):
Here are young palm-trees, where the core is extracted. It is used for salads, for the salad "Millionaire" in particular, which only wealthy people could previously afford:
The forest is reverently watched and guarded. There are many legends as the forest remained intact after the fire, when the fire was just backing off the trees:
It looks like a young palm tree:
Note: a "baby" palm has serious thorns on the stems that serve as a protection against humans and animals:
It’s an intermediate joint between a bush and a young palm tree. The trunk has already started to form up:
And this is a stump of an old and fallen palm-tree. There is a theory that the number of holes corresponds to its age:
This tree was nurtured by Governor-General of the Mauritius (botanics was his hobby):
This is the enchanted forest. There’s a feeling that you're on the filming set of the Avatar movie:
These are the Jackfruit or Indian breadfruit:
The forest is not cleaned, preserving its original look. All the leaves are on the ground:
When you look up, it seems that you are a midget in the grass:
After our walk in the forest, we went for dinner in the best restaurant on the island. Despite the fact that the room was empty, the waitress did not let us sit down at a table for 4 persons. When I asked her about it, she was deeply confused as to how such a thing could even come to my mind:
But I need to give them credit as the food was tasty. This is a parrot fish:
This is the beach where the Bounty ad was filmed:
There are stones on each side of the beach, and clean sand is in the middle:
Here’s a lifeguard:
Water is beyond compare, I swam for three hours:
Resort visitors:
There are no sun loungers:
Praslin and La Digue are big islands in the Seychelles, but the largest one is the island of 


. I'll tell you more about it in the next review.
Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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