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EPCOT Park, Orlando

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 11 minutes read • October 15th, 2015


(Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) reflects Walt Disney's dream of a technologically advanced world. In fact, today it is an education center and permanent exhibition.

The first half of the park is Future World, dedicated to the environment, education and technology. It is clear that visitors wouldn't be attracted by lectures without amusements, so there are also some fun rides. Most of the EPCOT rides are sponsored by large companies.

We decided to seal the deal by flying on the Mars ride first; we didn't want to postpone it.
'Mission: SPACE' is the most technologically advanced ride of all the Disney attractions. The dream and fantasy of the attraction was realized by engineers, who got data from scientists and astronauts.

Everything happens at the international center of training of astronauts, ISTC. Our guide guaranteed long lines, however, the tracks were empty. I guess this should have been a warning to us! 

Anyone wishing to qualify as an astronaut must assess their capabilities – the doubters go through the green corridor, the most fearless go through the orange. That morning, we felt brave, so we went through the orange door.

During training and coaching, we were offered several times to assess our bodily capabilities. This ride is not recommended for people who suffer from back pain, blood pressure problems or heart disease. I prudently put on the corset, Sasha took a couple of pills, and Nikita was completely healthy – our team was ready to fly!

In the center of the astronauts recruitment ISTC, we were presented a model of a futuristic vehicle, which we would use to go to space.

Apparently, we looked unhealthy, because we were asked several times, by different people, if were sure about going back to the ride.

In the Distribution hall, the sending officer divided the crowd ready for flight into teams of 4, each with their own special role. How he was able to correctly distribute the role for my team, I don't know how but we were all placed accurately; I was the captain, Sasha was the pilot and Nikita was the engineer. The navigator's position was left vacant.

In general, in the ISTC, there are four module-centrifuges with different levels of attainment and each module has 10 capsules that can each in turn hold 4 astronauts.

It's impossible to show you so I will tell you:

We went into the capsule and were strapped in. The countdown began on the LCD screens in front of us, which acted as the launch pad, directing us to the sky. Next, we broke away from the launch pad and experienced that real feeling that astronauts have; I thought it was the most difficult part of the flight. The centrifugal force of the module pushed us back into our chairs, and our faces were distorted beyond recognition.
A hands-free device translated commands from the Capcom. Nikita and Sasha were trying to move the joystick and press some buttons, while I was wondering how long the whole experience would last!
Before our eyes were only high-quality images from satellites, flying around the Mars orbit. The centrifugal rotation of the capsule, at the start, changed with unexpected twists and turns, we were hardly able to stay in our chairs. Unexpected external influences began to jerk in the area of the moon, followed by a short period of flight in weightlessness before we met with asteroids on the way to Mars.
The four-minute flight ended with a forced landing on Mars. Real spacemen who visited this attraction, acknowledged that they experienced feelings that were similar to the real deal. Therefore, before taking part in Mission: SPACE, soberly evaluate how much you will be able to withstand – you can't stop the flight!

Went finally got out into the fresh air and sat down. Our faces were the color of the Italian flag. One man laid down on the flower-bed.
The sponsor of the attraction is HP, Nikita grumbled that he disliked them for a long time.
The side-effects of the ride lasted longer than any other ride in the park, so take this as a warning. In my opinion, even the eyes of the lens of my camera grew dull after ...

We decided to cancel the Flight on the airship and instead, swim on Captain Nemo's boat. Altogether, we weren't thrilled by many of the rides in the park. However, we decided to take a rest before leaving, in hopes that the mood to try other rides and attractions would suddenly return.

Spaceship Earth. A conveyor-train inside a huge 8-ton sphere that slowly spins past the scenes depicting the progress of technology by mankind, from printing to space conquering.

So, our train reached the top of the sphere and began the descent down (backwards, but slowly). To interest passengers, apparently, before each passenger there is a display, which simultaneously offers to answer the questions about age, place of residence, habits, desires and other things.
We didn't know why this was necessary, so we answered the questions. Sometimes we got them wrong.

It all took place while we were in motion! The screens played animated films about the future of each passenger!
It turns out, that they secretly photographed us, Photoshopped our heads onto a cartoon body and created a whole video about what kind of the future awaited the hero.

When the ride was over, we each shared our impressions. It turns out, we each saw a different movie! Apparently, in my future, I exercised, drank vitamins and a robot waiter served salads in bowls.
In Nikita's future film, she woke up in a Smart House, where each room had a travolator. On the screen, there was a huge display allowing the viewer to choose what to wear, what to do, what to have for breakfast . . . everything was automated. 
How did they guess??!

At the entrance to the hall, you can enter your email address and the films will be sent to you as a gift. It really cheered us up! The sponsor of the attraction is Siemens.

We had the urge to see another attraction but we didn't pay $100 to not visit the Test Track. The essence of the attraction is to show how a car is tested before production starts.
From a technical point of view, Test Track is very complicated in its functioning, where you can envision the service. From a consumer point of view it's very popular, so the line was long. We stood there for over an hour.

While visitors were standing in line, the sponsor of the ride offered some light entertainment – the auto-giant Chevrolet. It allows you to create your own model of the car to be tested. Because we did not realize from the beginning what was happening, and the time allocated for this item was limited, our car didn't come out nearly as cool as we'd hoped. 

Next was our turn. Honestly, the lost hour was not worth it, we thought it would be cooler. Be careful if you have back problems because there are sudden stops, strong twitching during testing the car, sharp returns in the waist, even the corset didn't help.

It was interesting after that – all the cars created by the visitors were tested by the computer on different parameters. Ours came in first place! But only because we registered our car for the race, the rest, apparently, didn't realize that they had to do the same. that 

Then you had the chance to drive your car on the road and face off with opponents:

Phew, well, that part of the 'World of Tomorrow' was finished, so we safely walked around the second part of the Park, 'World in Miniature', which shows the culture of different countries of the world. In the restaurants, shops of each pavilion had staff that represented each country; mostly students.





Favorite France:

Here, incidentally, we planned to have lunch. Yesterday, after failing with lunch at the Disney Hollywood Studios, we decided to book a table in the morning. But, unlike my previous report that stated that, compared to other parks, here there was no problem with restaurants because there are plenty of them and you can dine anywhere . . . I was wrong. There was nowhere to eat without the need to pre-book! 

And in France everything was closed at lunch until the evening, just like in the real France, but not in the US pavilion. At lunch time the French did not feed, but entertained the passers-by:

English pubs were crowded too:

A few words about the "FastPass" tickets. Unlike Universal Studios in Los Angeles, there are no paid bracelets that allow you to go on rides without waiting in line. There is another system of such card distribution.

Each visitor has the right to a free 'FastPass' ticket for three attractions of their choice. All attractions are divided into two groups, the most popular - first, you need to choose one from it, all the others are in the second group, from there you can choose two attractions. You need to approach the employee of the Park (they hang in a special place, with tablets in their hands), and make the pass without waiting in line for the selected rides.
You'll be told the time allocated for your out of turn visit, for example, from 2 to 3 pm you can go on your ride and stand in a short line. You can go at other times, but then you'll have to stand in a long line amongst the wishing, not without a FastPass.
Please note that these tickets to the most popular attractions are over before lunch, we arrived at Epcot by noon, without receiving our ticket (which we wanted to use for the Test Truck), and all the unnecessary rides didn't have a line.
It was very convenient that in different places of the Park there were electronic signs indicating approximate waiting times, so it was easier to plan our movements in the Park.

Here's the Park Ranger writing in the girls for the rides:



is huge, 247 acres (100 hectares), which extends to the parking lots. You can reach your car by tram.  Monorail road carries passengers to other parks.

Next time we decided to go to water parks, since heat in April in 


was terrible.
Author: prosto_gost
Source: prosto-gost.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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