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Everything You Wanted To Know About Cruises But Were Afraid To Ask

Sergey Dolya • 7 minutes read • October 17th, 2016
This is the end of my cruise to the Western Caribbean. We visited the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and the Bahamas. And I want to tell you the story about the cruise itself. To show you the ship from inside, her corridors and cabins, to tell about the cruise life. If you have not been on the cruise, but you are going to do that, it will be interesting for you.
We went on the cruise with


to the Western Caribbean on their flagship

Carnival Glory

. She departed from Orlando, Florida.
Here is a map of our cruise:
The ship departed at 4 pm. We had to arrive in an hour and a half before the departure, at the very latest. Drill began at 4 pm. This is an attribute of all cruises. If stewardesses in the airplane just show you the emergency exits, here everyone has to put on life jackets and go out on the deck. All


are divided into zones, as well as the boat deck. Your task is to find your zone on the deck. Then you get through an instruction, children are put bracelets with the name of your zone - and you are free:
Gangways crawl away from the ship, and you start your voyage:
What's good in the cruise is that almost every day you find yourself in a new city, a new country, a new place, and sleep in the same comfortable bed. You do not need to unpack suitcases every time. All the food on the ship is free. Usually there are many places where you can snack or eat. Food is available around the clock. You can have breakfast and lunch where you want, but things are more serious with dinner. When boarding on the ship, you'll get information about the restaurant, table and time of your dinner. Dinner takes place in 2 shifts (at 6 pm and at 8 pm). If you do not like your table or time, you can go to the headwaiter on the first night and try to change them.
At dinner, you'll be given a menu. It will be new every day, but it will contain a couple of constant classic dishes, if you won't like frills of the local chef. After the evening meal, you can spectate a performance at the local theater. Animation is pretty good. There are several "star" evenings. For example, the mass hypnosis, show of acrobats or jugglers. And there are "common" evenings with dances of local animators.
If all the food on the ship is free, the drinks are not. You have to pay even for a cup of tea. It is very easy to do. Money on the ship are not used. Credit cards are also not accepted. While registering, you will be given a plastic card, which will be the key to your cabin. It will contain your name and number of the table for dinner. You won't find your cabin's number there, for "enemies" not to heist it if lost. Your credit card or cash deposit will be "connected" to this card during registration. On the ship, you can pay only with this key. You can also pay with this card for any additional services, such as excursions, massage, make-up, and acupuncture.
For you not to be nervous about the tip, a certain amount of money per day (usually $10) will be automatically withdrawn from your account and then divided between all the crew members.
The same card is also your pass "from" and "to" the ship. When you go on the ship for the first time, you are photographed. After that, each time you leave the ship, computer reads your the card. When you come back to it, your picture is compared with your face. If everything is ok, you are allowed to go "home". Thus, they know that everyone returned to the ship.
Usually the ship is moored at the pier and you can land right on the shore:
If there's no any suitable pier, passengers are carried in small boats:
You've got three options in the port:
1. Stay on the boat and enjoy the solitude in the pool.
2. Apply for any guided tour.
3. Explore the place on your own.
The first option is the most affordable. But it's also the most uninteresting.
The second one is the most reliable, but also the most expensive.
Many people study tours offered by the ship. They choose their favorite one and take it on their own. No matter how poor the country is, you will always find in the port cars or scooters for rent:
You'll be also surrounded by taxi drivers with offers to "show" you the city or just to take a ride. This type of holiday is 2 times cheaper than organized tours.
Sometimes passages between the ports are pretty long, and you can spend a day at sea. In those days, animators are particularly active. Various competitions, games, and shows are held on all decks during the whole day. If the weather is good, the majority of passengers prefer to hang out on the upper decks:
Those who do not like the sun, hang out in the ship's casino (Camel Club Casino):
Or in various bars and lounges:
Here's our ship's lobby - The Colors Lobby:
Here are hallways:
Here are several pictures of our cabin:
Author: Sergey Dolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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