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Excavations Of Pompeii And Naples

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • November 13th, 2015

We all remember the famous painting by Karl Briullov 'The Last Day Of Pompeii'. Today we will go to the excavations of this city buried under the ashes of


, erupted soon after the death of Christ. We will walk through the narrow streets and admire the ancient architecture, and during the second half of the day we will visit the birthplace of pizza - Naples.
At the entrance to


is an international guide, invitating to plunge into the history:

The eruption occurred in the year 79 of our era and lasted for about 3 days. 20.000 people lived in the city, and most of them managed to escape. However, about 2.000 people were killed. It happened because of suffocation and not from spilled lava or fallen on them tons of ash. Those who got in boats and sailed away from


survived. The city itself was filled up with flakes of ash.
Almost in 17 centuries after the eruption the city began to be dug out:

At first, archaeologists were puzzled by the voids in the soil and only 100 years later they realized that these voids were formed in place of the bodies of died humans and animals. They began to be filled with gypsum and today we can see the poses, in wich people of Pompeii died:

Great Theatre of Pompeii:

Great Palaestra - here citizens of Pompeii did their morning gymnastics and held sports tournaments:

Statue Of Apollo:

Gates to the city:

And another photo with the view:

From Pompeii to Naples city centre is just a 25 minutes drive by taxi:

Near the Central Square, on the waterfront stands the Castle Nuovo:

Its walls hold the memory of past sieges. And inside of it you can 'play' with medieval instruments:

Scooter parked near the castle's walls:

In Naples we were during the 'Garbage crisis' and all the streets were littered with trash bags:

Local organized crime is called the Camorra, not the Mafia. They are closely connected with the authorities and control the local economy. During our visit there was another surge of confrontation between the Camorra and the Federal government, and in result Naples began to sink under tons of debris:

Next to our ship docked American warships. All the sailors lined up and passed cans of Coca-Cola and ketchup on the galley:
Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com

Translated by: Gian Luka

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