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Exciting Aerial Video of Labadee, Haiti Cruise Port

3 minutes read • April 27th, 2018
Are you all about the work right now? Are daily concerns occupying your mind? Let's take a little break and... fly over the

Labadee, Haiti Cruise Port

Labadee cruise port
©  Public Domain/Pixabay ​

Labadee is a popular Caribbean cruise port of call in Northern Haiti. The port is a private resort of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. leased by the company until 2050.
It’s a true Caribbean paradise with beautiful beaches, clear water, cozy bungalows, and numerous attractions. By the way, there you can ride one of the world’s most famous zip lines – the Dragon's Breath zip line stretching over water.
The territory of the resort is fenced and guarded.

Well, it’s time to take an aerial tour of the Labadee, Haiti port!

Harmony of the Seas is enjoying the sun in Labadee:

Just look at beaches in the port of Labadee! Probably this is a place that everyone imagines while dreaming of vacation.

Blue sky, lush greenery, white sand, and turquoise water – this seems to be a perfect combination of colors.

No doubt this is heaven on earth.

We hope these video reviews will help you relax and refresh your mind.
Remember that the cruise is always a great idea!

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