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Exciting Pictures and Videos of Viking Orion Ship

4 minutes read • June 15th, 2018
Last week we told you that Viking Ocean Cruises officially took the delivery of its latest addition, the luxury

Viking Orion

ship (you can read about this event here). And now she is already christened by beautiful Dr. Anna Fisher, a former NASA astronaut. Well, it’s time for her exciting inaugural season.
Viking Orion ship
Source: Viking Cruises/Facebook
Christening Ceremony took place yesterday, on June 14, in Livorno
Now the company’s newest member is ready to explore the Western and Eastern Mediterranean.
We believe she has great adventures ahead. Meanwhile, we’d like to check how this all started and share beautiful pictures and videos of Viking Orion construction with you.  
Here’s how Viking Orion looked like on paper:
And here’s how she was “taking shape” in the right hands:
Viking Sun and Viking Orion are side by side at Fincantieri shipyard:

Публикация от @amazingnewships

Someone is enjoying the romantic sunset on Viking Orion right now:

Viking Ocean Cruises and Fincantieri celebrate momentous event, Viking Orion float-out:
And here’s the timelapse of Viking Orion and Viking Jupiter under construction:
She is already days away from her official delivery:
Now we invite you to take a short virtual tour of the ship.
First celebrations on Viking Orion:

She amazed Venice and Livorno. Now she's ready to explore other ports in all parts of our planet:

Публикация от André (@ab11o)

Happy sailing, Viking Orion!

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