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Exciting Video of New Aqua Show on Symphony of the Seas

3 minutes read • February 7th, 2019
It’s cruise show time! And Royal Caribbean International has something really special. Recently, the cruise line presented HiRo, a new

aqua show

on Symphony of the Seas.
Symphony of the Seas aqua show
Photo courtesy of RCI

Beautiful costumes, exciting dances, incredible tricks, and most important, a breathtaking plot close to each of us... All of that takes place on the ground, in the water, and in the air. And, yes, the brilliant theatrical performance is complemented with cutting edge technology.
Have you ever attended the show that amazes from the first second? The show that you would like to see again... and more than once? The show that makes you wonder? Well, it’s hard to describe with words. Let’s just watch a video about HiRo.

This is very impressive.
Is there anybody here who was lucky enough to spectate this show on Symphony of the Seas? Please share your emotions in the comments.
Source: Royal Caribbean International

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