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Exciting Video Tour of MSC Grandiosa Cruise Ship

3 minutes read • December 20th, 2019
Do you remember when we “visited” her at the shipyard just a couple of months ago? Now she is a full and confident member of the world’s cruise family. The

MSC Grandiosa cruise ship

is exploring the Mediterranean together with her guests at the moment. And we already can’t wait to take a video tour of the MSC Cruises’ new flagship. Dear friends, come and join us!
MSC Grandiosa cruise ship
Photo by Wessel Blokzijl/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

There won’t be lots of text in this article. You can find information about the MSC Gandiosa ship’s general characteristics and the story of her construction via this link.
Today we’d like to enjoy first video reviews of one of the most groundbreaking new cruise ships 2019.

MSC Grandiosa departed on her maiden voyage from Hamburg on November 10, 2019. On November 23, 2019, the mega liner started her Mediterranean season.

She looks amazing night and day.

How about a look from this angle?

Now we invite you to take a tour of MSC Grandiosa cabins.

Finally, the MSC Grandiosa ship tour.

She is so elegant and stylish, wouldn’t you agree?

By the way, the MSC Grandiosa cruise ship will get a sister next year. You can check the list of new cruise ships 2020 via this link.

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